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My Tweets : March 17th, 2017 - December 30th, 2017

Today is December 30th. I visited my father's grave with my mother this morning. We cleaned the tomb. The temple was crowded.
I have a low tolerance for cold.
It's freezing cold today...
I just watched Murder on the Orient Express.
I have a sore throat...
I visited my father's grave with my mother and brother and nephew for the first time in a month this morning.
I watched "Love, Rosie" for the first time today.
Black day as Azzurri go crashing out
Good morning. It's cold today, isn't it.
V-Varen Nagasaki promoted to J1 for first time
Shohei Otani speaks of desire to become world's best with move to MLB
NipponHam's Shohei Otani announces he wants to move to MLB
It's really windy outside.
Frog and Toad Are Friends
BayStars beaten but unbowed after Japan Series experience
Lions to let Makita make major move
November 5 is United Nations Tsunami Awareness Day. - Working to Save Lives When a Tsunami Strikes
Hawks capture Japan Series crown on Keizo Kawashima's sayonara single in 11th
We've made some great memories together. #ThankYouIchiro
"Santa is real," the Air Force later confirmed, adding that they track his sleigh ride every Christmas Eve
Fighters land rights to prized slugger Kiyomiya
NPB draft is to be held tomorrow.
Otani fires shutout as cleanup man
Hataoka becomes second to repeat at Japan Women's Open
I got sunburned.
It's a close game.
Kiyomiya elects to enter draft
Today is my mother's birthday. Please stay healthy and live a long life.
It's a new japanese record!! Congratulations!
I like book stores.
I went to several shops after visiting a clinic.
I went to the eye doctor today. I had a visual field test. The result was fine. I go there every six months.
I visited our family's grave with my mother and brother this morning.
It's getting cooler in the mornings and evenings.
I went to watch high school baseball games at the local stadium. It was a hot day today.
Exactly. I read many different news websites.
I went to the swimming pool and the hot spring today. When I took the open-air bath, there was a light breeze which was very pleasant.
I pruned the trees and pulled up the weeds in my garden this afternoon. I'm exhausted.
Insects are chirping. End of summer?
Yes, It's well-known restaurant in Shizuoka. It's always packed. ;-)
We went to the "Sawayaka" restaurant for lunch. We had hamburger steak. It was very crowded.
Obon is a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the spirits of one's ancestors. I visited the grave with my family today.
I went to my junior high school reunion today. We had a great time.
Sani Brown bolts into record book.
Dragons reliever Hitoki Iwase tips his cap to the crowd after pitching in his record 950th game.
Durable, tough Iwase withstands test of time.
Hiroshima 72nd A-bomb anniversary.
Hiroshima marks 72nd anniversary of atomic bombing after Japan's refusal to join nuke ban treaty.
Justin Gatlin tore up Usain Bolt's farewell script as he stole world 100m gold at London2017.
Usain Bolt has made some incredible memories inside this stadium.
My daughter's boyfriend came to our house from Tokyo yesterday. He was a nice guy. I have mixed feelings...
Is it still Tuesday today...? What a long week...
I found it heartwarming.
Yes. It touched my heart.
Just watched "I am Sam". It was a touching movie.
My memory is getting short these days...
Good morning. There's not a cloud in the sky. Have a nice weekend.
Same here. :-)
I study English by myself. My English doesn't seem to be improving.
I visited the grave with my family this morning.
Climbers' tents make for a colorful display on a snowy mountain in the northern Alps.
I just ordered two bunches of carnations for my mother and mother-in-law online.
Traffic is going to be bad, so you had better go to the washroom before leaving.
The shopping mall is full of people.
I know how your father feels. ;-)
Now it's the Eagles vs. Hotel California in a federal court
I feel the same way! :-)
Thanks for your message. We went to Nara for the first time in about ten years. We had a good time.
Thanks. I had a good time with my wife.
Here at last! Horyuji Temple.
How much longer will it take??
I'm stuck in traffic now...
I just watched How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.
I watched the movie "Yes Man" this morning. I'm gonna think positive.
It reminds me of the old days.
I just watched St. Elmo's Fire.
I hope you feel better soon.
I watched Almost Famous today.
I hope you feel better soon.
I watched Almost Famous today.
I'd like to check out this book.
You can check out up to 5 books at a time.
I just got back home now.
I'm still stuck at the office...
I need to cut down on alcohol.
It's almost two. I have to go to bed now. It's going to be a nice day tomorrow.
Princess Kako heading to University of Leeds in September.
Nakamura scored today for his current club Jubilo Iwata. 38-years-old and still producing magic.
William and Kate surprise Radio 1 visit.
I'm exhausted. I had to work overtime again today.
Samurai show mixed post-WBC results
A major U.S. airline is drawing criticism after video posted online shows security officers dragging a passenger off an overbooked flight.
if you nail something, you succeed in getting it, after a lot of time or effort
She finally nailed her dream job.
Mao Asada nailed her trademark triple axel and won a silver medal.
Thanks! I feel much better.
I think I'm getting a cold.
I had my hair cut today. I feel refreshed. I go to a barber shop once every three weeks.
What a long week.
It's almost two. I have to go to bed now. Sweet dreams.
Colorful cover Cherry blossoms bloom along the river in Nakameguro, which is a popular viewing spot for "hanami".
Hanyu claims second career gold at worlds with spectacular comeback. Uno grabs silver.
As the Cubs release Munenori Kawasaki, we remember his greatest moments with the team.
This song gets to me every time I listen to it.
Rising star Kubo strikes again.
I was busy today as well.
Yokozuna Kisenosato denies Terunofuji to claim Spring Basho title.
Kisenosato pulls off comeback for title.
Kubo stars as Japan beat UAE in World Cup qualifier.
Japan confident ahead of WBC semifinal against host U.S.
Molina finds Profar too far off bag at first.
This photo of Adam Jones' catch in the World Baseball Classic is amazing.
Thank you for your message! :-)
Good morning. I'm done with the laundry. It's a sunny day.
My daughter graduated from university today.
I'm going to visit the family grave with my mother tomorrow morning .


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