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My tweets : September 21st - October 26th , 2014

Today is my daughter's birthday. She had a serious illness when she was an elementary school student. She is well now. We appreciate the present moment.
We had a steak for dinner and a birthday cake for dessert. We had a great time.
Take care and sleep tight. I hope you will get well soon.
Beautiful morning. I just hung out the laundry. It's my weekend morning work.
I'm far away.
I'm in a place called **.
I confused the days.
I'm about 45 minutes away.
We're running late.
We're on our way.
Who is this?
It gets dark so early these days.
My wife and I took the laundry in and folded them. She is ironing some shirts now.
It's a sunny day today. I went to watch high school baseball games with my friend. I'm a bit tired.
I saw kimono-clad barricades for the first time. Very Japanese!? ;-)
In this special Web feature, you can enjoy video views from Shinkansen windows while learning fascinating trivia and discovering little-known stories from stops on the journey from Tokyo Station to Shin-Osaka Station.
Tokaido Window View : Shinkansen?A half-century journey : The Japan News
Kimono-clad princesses offer apologies for roadside construction in Kyoto ? Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion
The transport minister gave the green light to construction of magnetically levitated (maglev) bullet train line that will connect Tokyo and Nagoya in about 40 minutes.
I saw a movie "About Time" last weekend. It made me want to watch another film directed by Richard Curtis. I got a DVD "Love Actually" online.
That’s what’s so great about you.
Mt. Fuji was capped with the first snow of the season today.
I went to the Tokyo National Museum for the first time. I appreciated many national treasures. I had a great time. I walked around there and my legs fell off.
The rain started to pour down harder.
We've had lousy weather, haven't we?
We're all traveling through time together, every day of our lives. All we can do is do our best to relish in this remarkable ride.
How long will I love you? As long as stars are above you, and longer if I can.
Is John there?
John's here. I'll get him. Just a moment.
John's not here now.
I'd like to speak with Jane Baker.
May I speak with Jane Baker.
I'm calling for Jane Baker.
Just a moment. I'll transfer you.
Can you transfer me?
I was transferred to the wrong Mr.Tanaka.
We are the same age.
Just a moment. I'll get my mom.
Should I get my mom?
Could you get your mom?
I'm listening to the NHK radio English programs through the internet streaming now.
I am grateful to be alive.
Four Richard Curtis Films : Four Weddings, Notting Hill, Love Actually and About Time
I watched a movie "About Time" in a theater this morning. It's really nice.
"Under the Boardwalk" was playing as Apple support hold music.
We ate some cake after dinner.
Hi, thank you for your message!!!
Thank you! Happy TGIF!
Thanks! Our 21st wedding anniversary! :-)
How's your neck treating you?
It's our wedding anniversary today.
We need to appreciate the fact that we're alive.
Maybe you could look for it on the Internet.
There's no one here named Yamada.
There's no one here by that name.
I think you have the wrong number.
This is a residence.
Sorry to keep calling.
I called earlier.
You were breaking up before, but I can hear you well now.
The reception is not that good here, so I'll call you back.
I think it is beneficial for my health to do some kind of exercise. But ...
When I have nothing to do, I often surf the Internet to pass the time.
Nishikori beats Raonic to win Japan Open title.
Carp and Giants rained out.
Issues with weight followed 'Dokaben' Kagawa
It's raining and windy today. A powerful typhoon is approaching the Japanese archipelago.
Take care of yourself. I hope you get better soon.
Good morning! It's a beautiful day outside.
I just took a bath. I'm gonna go to bed early tonight. Good night.
Don't think too much.


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