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My tweets : August 28th - 21st September, 2014

The sun's come out.
Take things easy for a while until you get better.
Thanks. I feel much better. I hope I will get well soon. Good night. Sleep tight.
Yes, you should do that. Take care.
Oh, You too? Are you all right? Take care of yourself. I hope you'll get better soon.
Exactly. This is my favorite movie. :-)
The beautiful scenery of autumn leaves in the tv news makes me want to get out and hike in the hills.
I feel the weight of my head. It's said that the weight of the average adult human head is about five kilograms.
Thank you for your concern.
I hurt my neck by jerking my head when I backed the car. I'm feeling my age...
I watched Notting Hill for the first time in years. I like Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant.
I watched You've Got Mail for the first time in a long time.
It might not seem like much to you, but it made me very happy.
I stayed up late last night. I didn't get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation. ;-) So I'll have an early night.
Thanks! I had to wait a long time for my turn to be examined. I was tired. ;-)
The eye clinic was very crowded today. I had several exams. It took a long time. I finished reading Enjoy Simple English #9.
My wife started cleaning many curtains.
I got up later than usual. I'm going to have breakfast
Finished the laundry. Nice weather.
Good morning. It's a beautiful day. I'm going to see the eye doctor today. Have a nice weekend.
I just called to say I love you. And I mean it from the bottom of my heart.
I'm watching photos of the harvest full moon on twitter.
It's drizzling. The moon is invisible.
Sounds good.
I'm reading "Abraham Lincoln For Kids Book" these days.
I bought a new white shirt today.
Wow, Great! Thank you for sharing!
I had my hair cut this morning. I like short hair.
I think so too!
Good morning. Today is the last day of August. Summer is nearly over.
I went out for dinner with my daughter tonight.
I saw a doctor this morning. I went to watch a high school baseball game this afternoon.
The rain sound from outside.
It's chilly tonight. Fall is in the air.


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