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My tweets : July 12th - August 24th, 2014

The sun is coming out.
Good morning. It's a little bit chilly here. Have a good day.
Wow! I hope you have a great time! :-)
Thanks! You too!
Same here. ;-) Have a good day!
Good morning. It's humid again. Today is the last day of the Obon holiday.
I just ordered a new electric shaver on the internet.
I went to watch high school baseball game at the local stadium today.
Obon is a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the spirits of one's ancestors. We visit and clean our ancestors' graves.
Hi, nice to tweet you too.
Thanks. I think so, too. We're so happy. :-)
I went to the police station to renew my driver's license today. It took little time to do.
My elder daughter came back home this morning. She turned twenty last month. My mother (Her grandmother) gave the newspaper the day she was born to her for birthday present. We all were pleasantly surprised.
I visited the grave with my parents today. This week is Obon in Japan.
That's something to look forward to.
I'm home. It's already 1 a.m.
Thank you very much, Esola-san. Wow, what a coincidence! Time flies, doesn't it?
My elder daughter is turning 20 tomorrow. I can't believe how time flies. She lives in Tokyo now. She is expected to return home next month.
Thank you for your concern. I was unprepared.....
I got a bad sunburn. My skin is red and painful from being in the sun too long today.
Good morning. It's sunny here. I'm going to watch high school baseball games at the studiam today. Have a nice day.
There was a terrible thunderstorm this afternoon. It's not that hot tonight.
I'm reading Tuesdays with Morrie again. It's one of the most touching books I've read.
There's someone waiting for you.
We're cooking Gyoza for dinner. I'm drinking beer now.
Masahiro Tanaka issues apology to Yankees, fans following elbow diagnosis
I live in Shizuoka. Unfortunately, my high school lost the 1st game. You live in California??
The high school baseball season in this area began yesterday.
I can hear fireworks from somewhere.

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動詞の secure

secure と言えば、日本語にもなっている「セキュア」で形容詞が思い浮かびますが、動詞の secure です。

TOEICのPart1の問題で、ボートや自転車をロープやチェーンなどでどこかにくくりつけて固定されている写真を見たことがあります。下記の 3) ですね。

それで動詞の secure ってあるんだ。 と知りました。

今回出てきたのは、「場所を確保する」などという時の secure です。下記の 1) ですね。

4) の借金の担保にするなんて意味もあるんですね。



secure [verb]

1) get/achieve
to get or achieve something that will be permanent, especially after a lot of effort
・Boyd's goal secured his team's place in the Cup Final.
secure a deal/contract
・The company secured a $20 million contract.
・Negotiators are still working to secure the hostages' release.
・Redgrave won his third Olympic gold medal, and secured his place in history.

2) safe from harm
to make something safe from being attacked, harmed, or lost:
・Troops were sent to secure the border.
secure something against somebody/something
・They built a 10ft high fence to secure the house against intruders.
・an agreement to secure the future of the rainforest

3) tie firmly
to fasten or tie something firmly in a particular position
secure something to something
・John secured the boat firmly to the jetty.

4) borrowing money
if you secure a debt or a loan, you legally promise that if you cannot pay back the money you have borrowed, you will give the lender goods or property of the same value instead
・He used his house to secure the loan.

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TOEICテスト Part 3 & 4 鬼の変速リスニング


音声DL付 TOEIC®テスト Part 3 & 4 鬼の変速リスニング (TTTスーパー講師シリーズ)
テッド 寺倉 (著), 和泉 有香(Joy) (著), 天満 嗣雄 (監)










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1) bring together
to get things of the same type from different places and bring them together

2) keep objects
to get and keep objects of the same type, because you think they are attractive or interesting

3) rent/debts/taxes
to get money that you are owed

4) money to help people
to ask people to give you money or goods for an organization that helps people

5) increase in amount
if something collects in a place, or you collect it there, it gradually increases in amount

6) win something
to receive something because you have won a race, game etc

7) collect yourself/collect your thoughts
to make an effort to remain calm and think clearly and carefully about something

8) take somebody/something from a place [especially British English]
to come to a particular place in order to take someone or something away [= pick up American English]

例:Martin's gone to collect the children from school.
例:I've got to go and collect the book I ordered from the library. ★ この使われ方で出てきました。

9) crowd
[formal] to come together gradually to form a group of people




1) having no mistakes [= right] [←→ incorrect]

2) suitable and right for a particular situation

3) correct behaviour is formal and polite


1) to make something right or to make it work the way it should

2) to show someone that something is wrong, and make it right

3) if a teacher corrects a student's written work, he or she writes marks on it to show the mistakes in it

4) correct me if I'm wrong [spoken]
used when you are not sure that what you are going to say is true or not

5) I stand corrected [formal spoken]
used to admit that something you have said is wrong after someone has told you it is wrong

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Chicken Soup for the Little Souls Reader: The Greatest Gift of All

以前からChicken Soup for the Soulを読んでみたいと思っていましたが読めずにいました。

Chicken Soup for the Little Souls Reader: The Greatest Gift of All: Chicken Soup for Little Souls Reader (Chicken Soup for the Soul)

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