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My tweets : October 28th - December 8th, 2013

At that time, I was a sensitive teenager became interested in English songs.
33 years ago today, John Lennon was shot in front of The Dakota in New York City. I was shocked when I heard the news.
(Just like) Starting Over - John Lennon #nowplaying
I read some books at the library this morning. Curious George at the Ballet, Curious George Takes a Job and Curious George Gets a Medal.
Thank you for your concern!
Thanks. You too!
Good Morning. I have a slight cold. Have a nice weekend.
Let's enjoy reading! :-)
I just came back from business trip.
Wow! Way too funny! ;-)
Are you reading Dewey's Nine Lives? Great! I think it's a very thick book.
It's interesting! We're on the same page. ;-)
If you give up, that's the end of the game.
Hi there! I'm relaxing at home now.
Thank you very much. I'll try to study more.
It's getting bright outside. There is a frost this morning. #twinglish
We used to travel a lot by car. I miss the days when our kids were depending on us.
I downloaded The Case of the Fire Alarm - The Buddy Files Book 4 to my Kindle PW just now. Buddy is going to be a therapy dog. Good luck!
You had many memories of your previous car, didn't you?
we decided to buy a new car. It's expected to arrive in January or February. I'm looking forward to that day coming.
One stargazer tweeting, "RIP Comet ISON. We'll never forget you."
Thanks. We enjoy thinking it.
I set the alarm and woke up earlier than the time I thought.
Thanks! :-)
Yah, I think so too.
There are lots of brochures on the floor. We're a little tired.
We need some more time to think about it.
My wife and I went to a car dealership and spent more than three hours. We can't decide which one we should buy.
I have been to the barber's.
My mistake put my wife in a little foul mood. ;-) Have a good weekend!
Good morning. I set the alarm for six o'clock by mistake. I'm doing the laundry and reading The Buddy Files now.
I remembered Keinan-sensei. ;-) Let's enjoy reading English books.
I read to chapter 6 of The Buddy Files part3. I like these stories. I love Buddy.
It has been cold for days. I've had really awful stiff shoulders recently.
My wife looks very tired. She is sleeping in a kotatsu. I'm worried that she might catch a cold.
Same here... Take care of yourself and don't catch a cold.
Yes, it is. I'm into hot springs lately. ;-)
It's cold today,isn't it? I made oden for dinner. I had it with beer.
I was so relaxed. :-)
BBC News - 'Selfie' named by Oxford Dictionaries as word of 2013
Selfie. The Oxford Dictionary has named it word of the year. - ABC News Shower
I started reading The Buddy Files, #3 The Case of the Missing Family. it also seems interesting.
I went to the hot spring by myself this afternoon. I stared into the blue sky and white clouds while taking the outdoor hot spring.
I took the day off and went to the hospital to get medicine for my family this morning. It was crowded.
If it can happen, it will happen. - Murphy's law
I'm gonna take a bath.
Sounds good!
I feel so sleepy. I'm off to bed. Good night, everyone. Sweet dreams.
#nowplaying Dancing On The Fire - Superfly
I'm reading The Buddy Files, #2 The Case of the Mixed-Up Mutts now. I read to chapter 3 last night. It's a interesting story.
Good morning. We had french toast for breakfast. I LOVE french toast. It's my favorite food!
I'm into reading English books now. ;-)
I'm going to start reading The Buddy Files, #2 The Case of the Mixed-Up Mutts. I downloaded the book.
Happy Birthday!
We are on the same page. ;-)
I waste a lot of time on the Internet.
I dreamed of the day that I could talk with you, and that's why I've been learning English all this time.
My daughter and I went out to dinner this evening. We had hamburger steaks.
A dense fog lay all around.
You should go there this weekend. :-)
Kumamon visits Boston!!!
Exactly. I was really relaxed. :-)
I took the day off today. I went to the hot spring and the art museum. I had a good time. I'll do my best at work starting from tomorrow.
Same here. I checked its price on the internet. About 3,500 yen. It's a bit expensive.
The TV remote control doesn't work.
Halloween and Christmas? Confusion, I don't know what I should do... ;-)
It's too forward! ;-)
I'm off to bed to read some more. Good night.
Thanks. I had a good business. I was surprised at sudden shower.
I walked around downtown Tokyo after business meeting. I was caught in a shower. Christmas songs were playing in every store.
Figure Skating - Takahashi and Asada seal NHK Trophy victories
I'm going to Tokyo tomorrow on business. The weather will improve tomorrow.
How beautiful! Color me red ?
I can't express in words how moved I was.
You can't go back in life. Live for the moment.
I can't thank you enough.
I'm glad you're back here!
Thanks! You too! :-)
I still can't believe Sir Paul McCartney is 71 years old. His songs on the radio.
Thank you. I will do my best.
I'm off to bed. Good night.
Hi, nice to meet you!
I read the book on Kindle. I think it's not so thick.
All of my family are in good health and we have a lot of family talks and a wonderful time. It's my perfect day.
Thank you. The book impressed me.
I read Graduation and Conclusion. I have just finished reading Tuesdays with Morrie in English. It was a touching story.
I read "The Fourteenth Tuesday - We Say Good-bye" in bed last night.
I read "The Thirteenth Tuesday - We Talk About the Perfect Day".
I'm reading Tuesdays with Morrie.
Thanks. I appreciate your advice.
I'm going to read a book in bed.
The weather forecast says it will be cold tomorrow.
After unbeaten streak ends, Tanaka's save secures title
So Taguchi now big-time baseball announcer in Japan
I read "The Twelfth Tuesday - We Talk About Forgiveness" this afternoon.
I read "The Audiovisual, Part Three - Tuesdays with Morrie".
It has turned out to be a beautiful day! #twinglish
Congrats! I was excited last night.
I read "The Eleventh Tuesday - We Talk About Our Culture" this morning.
Masahiro Tanaka, Eagles capture Japan Series title
Eagles blank the Giants 3-0 to capture 1st Japan Series title.
Rakuten Eagles bounce back to claim 1st-ever Japan Series
Congratulations! The Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles are the Japan Series champions!
I read "The Tenth Tuesday - We Talk About Marriage" today.
Thank you for your concern. I'm okay.
I have a chill. I feel like I'm getting a cold. I'm gonna go to bed.
Exactly. How time flies!
I'm with you.
This year has gone by so quickly.
There are only two months left of this year. I can't belive it.
I read "The Ninth Tuesday - We Talk About How Love Goes On".
Even if you hate the Red Sox, you have to love their 38-year-old closer.
12 times Red Sox pitcher Koji Uehara's son wanted to be just like his dad
Thank you, Katie. Happy Halloween! :-)
I have to get up early tomorrow morning so I'm gonna go to bed. Good night.
Thanks. Sweet dreams.
I read "The Eighth Tuesday - We Talk About Money".
First donator in 'Tiger Mask' movement reveals his past
I have a business trip tomorrow. I'm going to take my kindle.
I read "The Seventh Tuesday - We Talk About the Fear of Aging".
I'm gonna read Tuesdays with Morrie in bed. Good night.
The long-range forecast says we will have a cold winter.
The beautiful scenery of autumn leaves in the TV news made me want to get out and hike in the hills.
Flawless Tanaka wins Sawamura Award
Koji Uehara picks off Kolten Wong for final out of Game 4
I read "The Sixth Tuesday - We Talk about Emotions".
Thanks. I try to read as much as possible.
Thank you for your advice. It's important to imagine the meaning of a word from its context, isn't it?


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