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My tweets : August 16th - October 4th, 2013

Thanks. It gave me no pain. I hope lots of people will donate blood.
Thank you for the following back. The Hiroshima Carp will head to their first Climax Series. Congratulations!
That's good your teeth didn't have any problem. I want to be like you. ;-)
Thank you for your concern. I'm gonna take a medicine and go to bed early.
Thank you for your recommendation. I'd like to read them next time.
I donated blood today. I like do it.
I have a toothache and a headache.
Hi, nice to meet you!
Have a nice sleep!
Stars in the sky are very beautiful.
I've been studying English for looooong time. But my English skill is poor. ;-) I'll do my best too!
Hi, nice to meet you. I'm looking forward to tweeting in English with you.
Thanks for your reply. They are going to see the beautiful autumn foliage. I want to go there too. :-)
My wife and daughter are traveling to Hokkaido now. Is it cold over there?
Autumn breeze from an open window makes me feel fine.
I've been reading Tuesdays with Morrie since last week. It's a memoir by American sports columnist Mitch Albom.
Thanks for your help! :-)
Thanks! In addition, it's easy food to eat after tooth extraction. ;-)
I made stew for dinner.
How long does it take for the hole of an extracted wisdom tooth to close up?
Thanks for your concern. :-)
My daughter's iphone sleep button doesn't work. She is calling apple support now.
I went to the shopping mall with my family today. My wife and daughter bought some clothes.
I had no appetite and slept more than ten hours last night. I feel much better.
Thanks. I'm looking forward to finishing it.
I just got my wisdom tooth pulled out. I'm relieved. #twinglish
I started to read Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom.
Hi, nice to meet you. I look forward to rweeting with you in English and Japanese.
You, too! ;-)
Thank you for introducing me to nice books.
I read Marvin Redpost #1: Kidnapped at Birth? by Louis Sachar this morning. It's easy to read. I like this story. :-)
The rain and wind is strong here from the effects of the typhoon.
Sports:Baseball: Balentien hits 56th HR to break 49-year-old Japan record
Hi, nice to meet you. I'm looking forward to tweeting with you.
The wind is picking up here in Shizuoka.
Yes, I like it. :-)
Since it stopped raining, I went to the barbershop this morning. I like short hair and usually try to keep my hair short.
Wow! Awesome! Thanks! :-)
Your daughter in the photo of your icon is very cute.
Thanks for your warm message.
I'm getting older. ;-)
You have a daughter too, right?
I love my family. :-)
Have a nice day!
Thanks! I like your tweets about baseball. :-)
Today is my birthday. I received an email message from my daughter at midnight. I'm surprised and happy.
According to the weather forecast, there's a typhoon coming.
Thanks. The story was really interesting. I am thinking about what's next. ;-)
I totally agree with you. :-)
I have just finished reading Holes by Louis Sachar! I really got involved in the story.
I'm reading holes right now.
This morning, I cleaned a shinto shrine ground, cut the hedge in my garden and went to swimming. I can't move another step.
Thanks! I hope so. :-)
I'm reading chapter 36 of Holes now. It'll take me more than a month to read through this book...
I hate dentists too. ;-)
Thank you for cheering me up. :-)
Thank you for the encouragement.
Me too.
I will get my wisdom tooth out next time. I'm scared.
I went to the dentist after work today. I had my decayed tooth treated.
You don't need to drive a car in your urban life, do you?
I hope so, too!
My daughter got a driver's license yesterday. She drove my car first time today. I had butterflies in my stomach.
We bought a new TV today. I just set it up.
Good luck with the pre‐second grade test!
Hi. Nice to meet you too. Thank you for your message. :-)
I'm so exhausted from work today. I'm getting sleepy.
Same here. Morgan Freeman is one of my favorite actors.


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