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My tweets : May 25, 2012 ~ June 1, 2013

Hi, nice to meet you. Yes, I played baseball when I was in high school. It's long long time ago. ;-)
I watched "Forrest Gump" on DVD tonight. This is one of my favorite movies.
I don't know much about Korean actors. I'll ask my wife. ;-)
I'm reading TOEICer's tweets. I want to try that again.
My wife is watching Korean drama "Secret Garden".
I watched "Apollo 13" on DVD today. Tom Hanks is one of my favorite actors.
I watched "The Notebook" on DVD I borrowed from the library today. It was a touching movie. #twinglish
Thank you. It ended smoothly. I had dinner until I was full. ;-)
I have some opportunities to write business e-mails in English these days. It takes a lot of time to write sentences in English. #twinglish
Hi, nice to meet you too. I'm looking forward to tweeting with you.
Thanks, I will! ;-)
I don't eat anything tonight for tomorrow's medical check up.
We're always there for each other. We love each other, would take care of each other. We believe in each other no matter what.
Thank you. I've never been to Singapore. I'd like to go to Singapore someday.
Congratulations on your 12,000 tweets!
Yes! I was surprised at how real they look. Are you from UK?
Next, we went to Tokyo Trick Art Musiam. It was better than I expected! We had a good time.
I went to Madame Tussauds Tokyo with my family last Saturday. We were really excited and took a lot of photos with superstars.
Now I feel like relearning all the English lyrics of the songs that I used to listen every day in my school days. They're great poems.
Thank you for your concern.
I ordered a bunch of carnations for my mother-in-law online.
I went to watch a high school baseball game with my daughter today. I have bad sunburn on my face. it's really red.
Good morning. It's balmy weather. I'm going to go to the museum today.
That's great!
I watched a movie "Lincoln" in a theater this morning. It was a little difficult for me. The admission was only 1000 yen today.
Thanks. I hope she will be able to play the guitar well.
Thanks. It's a Stratocaster model. She and I can't play the guitar yet. ;-)
I gave my daughter a electric guitar today. #twinglish
I recommend it. ;-)
My wife and I are really into Korean drama 'Dong Yi' now.
It starts raining. What's the weather going to be like tomorrow?
We are on the same page!
That's all for today. I'm gonna go out this afternoon.
Yes. I'm free today. ;-)
Hi, nice to tweet you. Thank you for following me back.
Happy TGIF!
Thanks! Is it windy there? Stay warm. Have a nice day!
Good morning. I'm off today. It's a sunny day.
I hope so. ;-)
I couldn't take off my watch yesterday. I went to a watch store and had it taken off. It was in need of repair.
I'm also gonna get hooked on this drama. ;-)
My wife is watching a recorded program 'Dong Yi'. Han HyoJu is very beautiful.
Take care of yourself.
We should not go out today. ;-)
It's starting to rain.
I removed rust from bicycles yesterday.
I will shut down my computer. See you. ;-)
I wish your son the best of luck in his new endeavor.
I'm moving back to my hometown today. There are many cardboard boxes in my apartment now.
It's kind of chilly today. It looks like rain.
The last seven months went by so quickly. Thank you for everything.
Hi, Sachiko-san. Nice to tweet you too.
Yes. It was great. ;-)
Thanks. I had a great time.
I went to the Tokyo Sky Tree for the first time. And I went to Asakusa.
I went to see cherry blossoms in Yasukuni Shrine and Chidori-ga-fuchi this afternoon. It was so beautiful.
Thank you so much. I'm happy. ;-)
Congratulations on your son's graduation!
The graduation ceremony was held yesterday. It was so touching. How time flies.
Thank you very much. I'm happy.
Hi, nice to tweet you. Same here!
Junior high school graduation ceremony will be held tomorrow. I am going to take a day off and attend the ceremony.
I'm happy to have met you.
That's nice!!!
Hi, nice to tweet you. Thank you for following me back. I'm looking forward to reading your tweets.
I watched two movies "Never Been Kissed" and "Morning Glory" on DVD.
I've never forgotten you even for a single day.
This is my first time to encounter the word, "nerve-wracking".
Thanks. I think it's a nice movie.
I watched a movie "Cloud Atlas" in a theater this morning. It was a difficult movie for me.
I'm watching a movie 'Stuck on You' on DVD now. It's one of my favorite movies.
I like your smile! It always makes me feel better!
Yes! It's right. I watched a movie "Les Miserables" in a theater two months ago. It was very moving.
Yes, she does. She is a great actress.
Yes, he did. You love Colin Firth, don't you?
I know what you mean. It was a touching movie.
I'm watching Mamma Mia! on DVD now.
I watched The Bucket List on DVD I rented last night.
My hair dryer sparked and died this morning. I bought a new one on my way home from work.
Thanks. Yes, it's working properly now.
Thank you. It's OK. The repairman replaced a part.
My washing machine started making a loud noise during the spin cycle recently. I had it fixed by the repairman this morning.
Thank you for your message. We had a great time. :-)
I went to Kamakura with my family yesterday. And they stayed my apartment last night. We had a great time.
Look at the time! I didn't realize it was so late! ;-)
My family is coming to my apartment tomorrow morning. I'm looking forward to their visit. I have to clean my room.
I'll do the best that I can. ;-)
I sincerely appreciate your warm congratulatory message.
I'd love to go!
Thank you so much for your warm message.
I'm very happy that my children passed the entrance examination. I'm so relieved.
I came back from a business trip this morning.
I'm going on a business trip tomorrow for a week. I'm packing my clothes into a suitcase now.
I went to the Women's Volleyball Premier League today. Very very exciting games.
Let me know if any of my English is wrong.
I attended my co-worker's wedding ceremony today. It really moved me.
I can't stay away from beer every night. I have to stop drinking beer.
I donated blood today for the first time in a long time. We need more blood donors.
My washing machine is making a loud noise during the spin cycle.
I feel the same way.
I'm with you.
Same here. I'm just watching it on Dlife.
I'm gonna watch "Love Actually" on TV tonight.
I made pancakes for lunch. It's good.
I've just watched "Slumdog Millionaire" on DVD.
You could say that.
I cooked Okonomi-yaki for dinner. It didn't taste good. I was bummed out.
Ted drove a car and crashed it into a parked car in a parking lot. He said "That's my bad. I was sending a tweet."
Yes, I did. Very funny movie.
I watched a movie "TED" in a theater today. ;-)
I watched "(500) Days of Summer" and "The Devil Wears Prada" on DVD.
If you're an English learner who's thinking about tweeting in English, but hesitant to do so, do it today. You'll always be a gainer.
Happy anniversary!
I'm going on a business trip tomorrow.
I'm going to review the workbook tommorow.
I've just googled it. February 26th!
Great! I'd like to see the musical.
Oh, really? It was very moving, wasn't it?
Thanks. It has become one of my favorite movies.
Oh, really? I don't know mini kumade. There were a lot of visitors today. I had Kuzumochi. It's good.
I went to Kawasaki Daishi temple this afternoon. It was my first time to visit there.
I watched a movie "Les Miserables" in a theater this morning. It really moved me.
Next, I watched "Music and Lyrics" on DVD.
I watched "The Reader" on DVD.
I've been using an air conditioner all day long today. My laundry which I washed this morning has dried.
It's starting to snow. It seems like it's going to be cold today.
Thank you Tommy-san. I don't have a fiver. I appreciate your concern.
I think I've caught a cold. I have a runny nose and a cough.
We enjoyed shopping. ;-)
I took a Rarejob lesson first time. I was excited. Bit I was a bit poor in conversation.
My wife and I went to COSTCO this morning. We bought a lot of items.
Happy New Year to you, too!
My wife bought me two cardigans yesterday. They're nice and warm.
I just cleaned up some rooms and swept the floor in my house. It feels good to have a nice clean home.
I have two daughters who are taking entrance exams this winter.
I'm goint to go to a shrine to pray for success in the entrance examinations tomorrow morning.
I had kani nabe and zosui for dinner with my family. It was sooo good. I don' t usually have nabe by myself.
Best wishes for the coming year!
I decorated the entrance of our home with Shimekazari and wrote New Year's cards today.
Thanks for your advice. I try to mumble away to myself in daily life. I want to increase my vocabulary.
I am a big fun of Godzilla Matsui.
Hideki Matsui announces retirement.
Thanks for your warm message. Happy Holidays!
Merry Christmas! I'm on a long business trip. I'm staying at a hotel. I can't wait to see my family.
I have a big day tomorrow.
I'll get right on it.
Thank you so much. Have a good night.
Thank you very much. I had a good time with my family this weekend.
Thank you for the nice present!
I want to go home as soon as possible. ;-)
I'm having dinner and doing the laundry.
Today is my daughter's birthday. I'm going to go home early tomorrow morning.
I bought a thermometer on the way home. I took my temperature with it. I don't have a fever. I feel relieved.
Oh, really?
I watched "East Of Eden" in a movie theater this morning.
Hahaha ;-)
Good Night World ;-)
I got a haircut this morning. I go to a barber shop once every three weeks these days. #twinglish
I bought a new computer this morning. I'm setting up it. It would take long time. #twinglish
It's time for me to go to bed. Good night.
Thanks for your message. I'm going to call my wife tommorow. ;-)
Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary. #twinglish
Thank you. I appreciate you telling me that.
I had a good sleep last night.
What a coincidence! Good night. Sweet dreams. ;-)
I borrowed a book from the library. I'm going to read the book tonight. #twinglish
I bought a new pillow today. I want to have a restful sleep with it. ;-) #twinglish
I watched "Rock of Ages" today. Songs in the movie reminded me of my young days. #twinglish
I'm gonna try and get some sleep. #twinglish
Thanks. I want a good night's sleep. ;-)
I can't sleep. :(
Thank you. I feel better than yesterday. ;-)
Thanks. I'm OK. Take care of your children.
I think I'm getting a cold. I often get a cold when the seasons change. #twinglish
Today is my mother's birthday. #twinglish
Thanks! I'm happy!
I'm happy to hear from you.
I was dog-tired both mentally and physically these days. This weekend is a wonderful change for me. #twinglish
There is nothing more relaxing than being at home with my family. #twinglish
I'm watching "NHK WORLD SPORTS JAPAN" online. #twinglish
Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye. Helen Keller
I'm going to go back home tomorrow. I'm excited about meeting my family. #twinglish
Thank you very much. I'm very happy you send me a nice tweet.
Thanks. I decided to think positive!
Hi. Long time no tweet. Thank you for your message.
No pain, no gain. Where there's a will, there's a way. This is my 3000th Tweet.
No. I don't understand French. ;-)
I watched "Intouchables". It's a french movie.
Yes, french movie. It was very nice!
I think it could be a good change for me. #twinglish
I think I'm gonna go to the movies today. #twinglish
I'm listening to 80's music on internet radio http://977music.com . #twinglish
Good Night World :-)
Are you keep listening to "eikaiwa time trial"?
I had the single record "I Was Made For Lovin' You". This song reminds me of my junior high school days!
Thanks. We had a great time! :-)
It was the first time I've had Chinese Okayu. It was very good!
I went to Yokohama with my family. We had "Okayu" for lunch in Chinatown. #twinglish
Thank you for your kind message. That's encouraging.
Thanks for the reply.
Thanks. I believe so. ;-)
I had my hair cut today. #twinglish
My wife and I waxed the floor of dining area. I'm a little tired, but I feel good. #twinglish
I ordered Victorinox business bag online. I can't wait to get it. #twitter
Thank you for your kind and encouraging message. I WILL! ;-)
That brings back memories, doesn't it? It does for me too.
That's OK. Don't worry about it. Let's enjoy! :-)
Likewise! Your dog is so cute! :-)
I bought suits, shirts and ties today. #twinglish
It's no trouble.
Hi, nice to meet you too. I want a iPhone!
Good night, friends! #twinglish


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