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Same here ;-)
The site is very useful for us, isn't it? :-)
I read out loud 3-line monologues in my car.
Thanks! I will try to take a photo this weekend. :-)
It's fine and warm today. White plum blossoms are very beautiful in my garden.
Thanks for your concern. Achoo! :-)
God bless you! ;-)
My nose tickles and I sneezed many times today. I have suffered from hay fever since last year.
That sounds good!
I appreciate your concern. I try to incorporate physical activity into my daily life. ;-)
Thank you for your concern. I haven't been getting enough exercise lately. ;-)
I have an upset stomach these days. I went to a clinic two days ago. The doctor put me on some medicine. He said I should get more exercise.
Come to the dining table. It's almost time for dinner. We have Chirashi-zushi. It's the Doll's Festival today.
It's almost midnight and I just set my alarm for 6 am. Good night. See you tomorrow.
I stayed up two nights in a row. I should get to bed early tonight. Good night and sweet dreams.
Thanks! I would like to continue them.
I was a Giants fan as a child. Then, I liked Tigers in my 20s and 30s. Now, nothing in particular. I like to watch the games. :-)
Thank you for the message. I'm looking forward to reading your tweets. :-)
I need to get up early tomorrow morning. I will go to bed now. Have a good night.
Thank you for your kind message!!! :-)
I repeatedly did overlapping 3 monologues from "5-TORE" today.
My computer won't recognize a CD/DVD drive. I guess I should renew it.
Likewise! I'm looking forward to tweeting with you.
I try to listen to 6 minute English. Thank you for your good information.
It's a NHK radio program featuring several English training. NHK is Japan Broadcasting Corporation like BBC in UK.
I did dictation 5 short sentences today.
I'm going to watch volleyball games at the junior high school after lunch.
Hi, I hope you have a good day with your friends!


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