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My tweets of the week

I'm listening to "Five-Minute English". It's difficult for me to understand English linking. But It's interesting!
Ha-ha-ha! I absolutely agree with you. ;-)
Thanks so much for your good thoughts. I'm OK!
Your concern is appreciated. I feel much better now.
I appreciate your concern. I'm a lot better now.
Thank you for your concern. I've gotten much better now.
Thank you very much. I feel much better now.
Thank you naonao-san! It's not good for my health to drink and eat too much, is it? ;-)
I feel sick to my stomach. I’m feeling queasy. I should have easily digestible food. I will take a rest.
Thanks! But it seems that it takes 2 months to repair my watch. Too long... ;-<
I dropped my watch on the floor morning before last. Something is wrong with it. I took it to a repair shop today.
I feel tired and sleepy now. I'm going to go to bed early tonight.
The weather report says it will rain again tomorrow. I hope It's getting warmer after each rainfall.
I'm home. I attended my neighbor's funeral today.
Thanks a lot! I do enjoy the #Ondoku these days. :-)
Yes, I did. But they're short. ;-)
I recited monologues which I read out loud yesterday.
Gusty wind outside. It makes an awful whirring noise. I hate it.
I read out loud two 5-line monologues today. I learned phrases such as "Could that be ...?" and "Could it be ...?"
Thanks for your message. It cheers me up!
You too. Good night!
I'm off twitter and go to bed. Have a good night. See you tomorrow.
Thank you coo-san. Your tweet makes me happy.
Thanks! I hope so. ;-)
I read out loud 3 monologues in "Five-Minute English" today. I did it in the bath and in my car. I memorized all sentences.
Thank you Aya-san. I try to post tweets with the hashtag.
I just read your tweets. I think I must keep in mind the days.
Are you all right with the earthquake yesterday?
Thank you for your concern. She was in bad shape last night. But She is OK today.
My eldest daughter is taking a final term exam this week. I dropped and picked her up from the library. She said she had a stomach ache.
No, it looked like the setting of BIOS was changed. I fixed it.
Finally, I initialized BIOS and It worked. I was relieved. Now I'm doing backup our data.
I couldn't get my computer to start up last night. I worried about what I should do. I tried various things. But it didn't work.


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