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My tweets of the week

I'm listening to "Five-Minute English". It's difficult for me to understand English linking. But It's interesting!
Ha-ha-ha! I absolutely agree with you. ;-)
Thanks so much for your good thoughts. I'm OK!
Your concern is appreciated. I feel much better now.
I appreciate your concern. I'm a lot better now.
Thank you for your concern. I've gotten much better now.
Thank you very much. I feel much better now.
Thank you naonao-san! It's not good for my health to drink and eat too much, is it? ;-)
I feel sick to my stomach. I’m feeling queasy. I should have easily digestible food. I will take a rest.
Thanks! But it seems that it takes 2 months to repair my watch. Too long... ;-<
I dropped my watch on the floor morning before last. Something is wrong with it. I took it to a repair shop today.
I feel tired and sleepy now. I'm going to go to bed early tonight.
The weather report says it will rain again tomorrow. I hope It's getting warmer after each rainfall.
I'm home. I attended my neighbor's funeral today.
Thanks a lot! I do enjoy the #Ondoku these days. :-)
Yes, I did. But they're short. ;-)
I recited monologues which I read out loud yesterday.
Gusty wind outside. It makes an awful whirring noise. I hate it.
I read out loud two 5-line monologues today. I learned phrases such as "Could that be ...?" and "Could it be ...?"
Thanks for your message. It cheers me up!
You too. Good night!
I'm off twitter and go to bed. Have a good night. See you tomorrow.
Thank you coo-san. Your tweet makes me happy.
Thanks! I hope so. ;-)
I read out loud 3 monologues in "Five-Minute English" today. I did it in the bath and in my car. I memorized all sentences.
Thank you Aya-san. I try to post tweets with the hashtag.
I just read your tweets. I think I must keep in mind the days.
Are you all right with the earthquake yesterday?
Thank you for your concern. She was in bad shape last night. But She is OK today.
My eldest daughter is taking a final term exam this week. I dropped and picked her up from the library. She said she had a stomach ache.
No, it looked like the setting of BIOS was changed. I fixed it.
Finally, I initialized BIOS and It worked. I was relieved. Now I'm doing backup our data.
I couldn't get my computer to start up last night. I worried about what I should do. I tried various things. But it didn't work.

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My tweets from last week


I'm drinking Yuzu-cha now. It warms me up.
My pleasure.
Now you're on your own.
Thank you very much. I try to continue this method.
Wow! Cool!
Thank you. Your message cheers me up.
Thanks! You sing English songs?
Whitney Houston : Saving All My Love For You, How Will I Know, All At Once, Greatest Love Of All ... They remind me of my college days.
I recorded my voice when I was reading out loud in English. It was so strange. I need more training.
I'm so sad to hear that #whitneyhouston has passed away. I love her songs. Remind of my younger days.
We're displaying Hina-dolls this afternoon. We couldn't ask for a better day.
I have a little headache and sore eyes. I think I spend too much time in front of the computer.;-<
It has been 2 years since I started to tweet. I enjoy tweeting in English and reading your tweets.
You have a waffle maker? That's nice! This is the first time I've heard of "moffle". It sounds like sweets. :-)
I made boiled eggs with the egg boiler this morning. Well done! It was simple and easy to use.
Thanks! We had a good time. :-)
I got a Vitantonio egg boiler today. I'm looking forward to making boiled eggs tomorrow morning.
We went to a tonkatsu restaurant. That's a nice dinner. I'm stuffed to the gills. I'd better not lie down. I'll fall asleep in nothing flat.
Thank you for the follow back. I look forward to your tweets.
Good morning. It's a bright and sunny day. Have a nice weekend.

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Twitter で Ayaさん (@ayay515) から、



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それから、川本佐奈恵さんのブログ「You can do it」にこんなことが書いてありました。




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ツイッター ( @mark_baseball ) で時々、英語でつぶやいています。



Good night all. Hopefully sweat dream.
It's time to hit the sack. Good night! ;-)
Hi, I'm an English learner. I'm looking forward to your new show!
Take care of yourself. I think it's very cold in Sapporo.
we cooked Korean pancake "チヂミ" for lunch. Yummy.
Your icon is funny. ;-)
What a blue sky! But I hate this gusty wind. It ruins the laundry.
You should try it.
Your message makes me alive!
I ate Hamamatsu Gyoza for dinner tonight. That was good.
I read your tweets. They always cheer me up.
Good night. Please stay warm.
I'm excited to tweet with you.
Hi, thanks for the message. It encouraged me.
It was really exciting movie. You should see the movie. :-)
I just saw Mission Impossible 4. It totally blew me away!
Good morning! It's another chilly day. Have a good day.
Sweet dreams!
I'm off tomorrow. I'm gonna go shopping.
I appreciate your concern about my eyes. I look forward to tweeting with you.
I'm searching the internet for information on eye health. But I shouldn't look at a computer screen for a long time. ;-)
I went to the eye doctor. I got an eye examination. I have it twice a year. I'm working from noon.
I'm going to the barber shop around four thirty.
This morning, I went to the library and borrowed some books. I'm reading the book written by Akira Ikegami.
It's getting light outside. I'm feeling a bit chilly.
Good morning! Take care not to catch a cold.
Thank you for the message. You had Italian for dinner, didn't you?
Good morning! It's still dark out. I'm a early bird.
I worked all day long today. I had dinner at an Italian restaurant with my daughter. It was delicious.
No problem.
Last Christmas, I went to Seoul with my family. We had a great time!
It's time to hit the hay. I wanna wake up early tomorrow morning. Good night.
Thank you for your concern. Have a good night.
I'm home. I finished some errands. I go to the office now.
It's a bright and sunny day. Have a nice day!
I'm off this morning. I'm going to a gas station, hospital, bank, etc. It's so hectic.
I'm gonna hit the sack. Good night and stay warm!
Likewise! I'm looking forward to tweeting with you.
I appreciate your tweet. :-)
Thank you for your information. I'll check that out.
It's almost midnight. Have a good night.
Last friday morning, my computer ran CHKDSK process when I started up the PC in my office. I was very surprised.
Don't work too late. Take care.
Hooray! Thanks for you message. :-)
Same here! I learned about the song last year. ;-)
That's OK♪ I'm relieved to hear that.
I'm gonna take in the laundry. Is that already dry? #twinglish
Take care of yourself. I hope you'll get well soon.
My wife is also into "Yuzu-cha"!
That's very unique. Are they cooked and dried whole? I want to try some.
Ahaha! I ate too much. ;-)
It tastes good doesn't it? But I think it's a little expensive.
I totally agree with you!
I'm eating Hoshi-imo. It's made from sweet potato through the processing of steaming and then drying. One bite leads to another.
Take care. I hope you get well soon.
Oops! I must go to bed. Thanks and good night ;-)
It's already past midnight. I must get up at five tomorrow morning. I should really go to bed now. Good night everyone.
I'm so stuffed that I can't eat another bite.
We go to a teppan-yaki restaurant now.
We're having a party to celebrate mother-in-law's birthday tonight.
I read some news about Yu Darvish who moves to Texas Rangers. I'm very excited.
I have some spare time. I'm surfing the internet and looking for something interesting.
It's almost time to go to bed. Good night. ;-)
Flu has been going around. I wash hands and gargle. Are you all right?
I got shoe insoles today. They make my shoes fit perfectly.
I bought shoes online last week. They are a little loose. My feet slide slightly forward on each step. I should've gotten them at a shop.
I was very surprised that it's snowing when I got up this morning. Snow is pretty rare in this area.
Congratulations! You deserve it! Here's to your success - Cheers!!
It's just another manic Monday. I wish it was Sunday. 'Cause that's my funday. My "I don't have to run" day.
It's just another manic Monday.
'Tell me why, I don’t like Mondays. Tell me why, I don't like Mondays. I wanna shoo-oo-woo-woo-woo-oot. The whole day down.'
Thanks! I hope so.
Yes, it's sprinkling outside.
It's raining for the first time in many days. I hope to be sunny tomorrow.
Tonyu Nabe is a soy milk hot pot. A variety of vegetables and meat are simmered with soy milk. It's mild and taste good.
I appreciate your concern.
My wife has a fever. So I made tonyu-nabe for dinner. I hope she will get well soon.
The movie reminds me of my college days!
I bought shoes online. It's first time for me. I like them.
This week went by so fast. I can't believe it's already Friday.
Wow! It's great. Keep it up!
I look forward to studying English with you.
I learn English too.
I've gained some weight. I'm not exercising enough lately. I have to get rid of this spare tire. ;-( Thank you for your useful comments and advice. I look forward to your next book,
It's almost time for me to go to bed. Have a good night. zzz....
How romantic!
I went to Aeon shopping mall today.
I went to "Hatsumode" with my daughter yesterday. I got a “Omikuji” for the first time in a long time.
My daughter looks tired. She's having a hard time with a lot of homework.
I went shopping mall today. They were having a special sale. Many goods in the store are 30% off. But I bought nothing.
It'll be rebroadcast next Saturday♪
I like "King of Baking, Kim Takgu". Kim Tak Goo has a very acute sense of smell.
Thank you for your warm message.
Thanks! It tastes good. ;)
My wife and I cooked tofu hamburger steak for dinner. My hands were very cold!
It's almost time to go to bed. Good night ♪
Thanks for the message. Your tweet has encouraged me.
Happy new year! I hope you all have a wonderful year.
Good morning! Last day of the year and new year's eve! Have a nice day!!
Good morning! Don't catch a cold.
I did year-end housecleaning this morning. It's rather warm for December.
No, ... only "Annyeong-haseyo and Kamsa-hamnida" ;)
My family went on a trip to Seoul during Christmas vacation. It was a fascinating and exciting city, but extremely cold ;)
Yes. Christmas in Seoul was very beautiful!
We just came back from Seoul. It was a wonderful trip!
Great! I can't wait for the next story.
I agree with you.
I guess you're right. ;)
I like Meiji rugby. "前へ"
A rugby match between Waseda and Meiji is now holding at the National Stadium in Tokyo. I used to watch the game school days.
I decorated a small Christmas tree last night. My children didn't help me. we used to trim the tree together...
We had dinner at a buffet restaurant last night. And I said "I'm stuffed! I can't eat another bite."
I went a shopping mall with my family yesterday. I got tired from walking for hours.
There isn't a cloud in the sky, but big windy day. A disaster drill was held in our community this morning.
Good morning! It's rainy and windy today.
I have a stiff neck. I need a massage. ;)
I read some English documents at work these days. My eyes are tired from staring at the monitor all day long.
I can't believe that tomorrow is December 1st. Time Flies.
My mother and father in law came back from Okinawa. It seems they had a great time.
TV news said that it's going to be cold tomorrow.
I like a blood donation. I hope it is useful.
I made a blood donation today. it gives me various blood tests. I appreciate having the opportunity.
I went to a barber to have my hair cut this morning. I feel refreshed.
I'm a baseball fun. The Japan Series is held this week.
It's a few minutes after midnight. I need to go to bed. Good night, World!
I was deeply moved by his attitude of mind. You should watch a rerun of the program.
I watched the TV program "Professional". Soccer player Keisuke Honda was featured in it. I just couldn't take my eyes off the TV screen.
Likewise! I look forward to reading your tweets.
It's getting cold these days. We set up a KOTATSU today.
Thank you for the message. I'm a sports fan and I like baseball. But I haven't watched much the games lately.
I'm glad to hear that. You have two blogs?
Likewise! Let's learn English together.
I think you should check them. This is an author's Web site.
I bought English books last week. "Business English at a glance" series. They're very intriguing and informative.
Thanks for the advice. I'm interested in "mind map".
Amazing! The icon is you? Cool!!
"summery day" - Oh, you can say that again!
We had my father-in-law's retirement party last night. It was a great time.
Good morning. We couldn't ask for a better day!
Happy 2nd Anniversary!
I had Hamamatsu-Gyoza for lunch today. It was yummy. The restaurant was so crowded.
The girl in your icon is so cute!
The last time I played baseball was a long time ago ;) Do you play golf? Cool!
Really? We're in the same boat!
Better watch out for yourself.
Thanks. You had a special time!
How are you feeling today?
I'm a sports fan. I played baseball in high school.
Thanks! I'd like to see the DVD.
It's a beautiful day today, isn't it?
I trimmed hedges in my garden yesterday. Today I have severe muscle pain ;) #twinglish
I started the blog for studying English 6 years ago.
Happy Birthday To Your Daughter ♪
It's one of my favorite movies ♪
Thank you for your kind message. 感涙。
Good morning! What a beautiful sky. Early bird gets the worm.
It's also beautiful moon today isn't it?
It was the 11th time. I was tired and ready to drop. ;)
I took the TOEIC IP Test. I was completely exhausted.
I want to be good at English.

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3月14日 4月号のテキストを買ってきました!



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先日のエントリーで紹介した、NHKの「平成24年度国内放送番組編成計画」の pdfファイルを見ていたら、その他にも英語関係で




3/6 番組公式サイトがオープンしました。

3/18 トークイベント「TED meets スーパープレゼンテーション」開催


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ゲストは、ソネス・スティーブンスさん(Soness Stevens)、山里亮太さん(南海キャンディーズ)、岡本玲さん。


本間先生のアカウントは @learnologist
ソネスさんは @Soness
山ちゃんは @YAMA414
岡本玲ちゃんは ?



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CEFRとは、Common European Framework of Reference for Languages の略称で、欧州評議会がヨーロッパ共通の言語学習ガイドラインとして開発した国際標準規格だそうです。





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平成24年度 国内放送番組 編成計画

平成24年度 NHK 放送番組時刻表








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