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Can You Believe It?: Stories and Idioms from Real Life, Book 3

今日(5/19)は、久しぶりに社内の英会話クラスに出席しました。クラスでは、Can You Believe It?: Stories and Idioms from Real Life, Book 3 (Can You Believe It?)という本をテキストに使っています。この本は、Oxford University Pressの出版で、実際にあった信じられないような珍しいニュースが集められていて、その内容を8コマのマンガや写真も見ながら読んでいきます。そしてその興味深いストーリーと関連付けてイディオムや語彙などが憶えられるようになっています。

今日は、Lesson13「Cyber-Romance Leads to Cross-Cultual Mariage」でした。トルコの小さな町に住む女性がインターネットで知り合ったアメリカ・フィラレルディアの男性と恋に落ち、結婚するというお話です。


今日の「New idioms and expresions」せっかくだから忘れないようにブログに書いておこう。日本語訳は私が勝手に考えました。

Both were in the same boat - divorced and lonely. : be in the same situation, with the same problem(s)

but I knew we had a lot in common. : be similar in many ways

Before long, he wrote, "I'm coming to Turket." : in a short time; soon

It took ages for her to open the envelope. : take a long time

She was already madly in love with him and didn't want to be disappointed by the photo. : feel that your hopes were not met by someone or something

Dan made the long and expensive trip to Trabzon. : travel someplace

He was nervous about the meeting. : feel afraid and a little excited about something

"What are you doing? Are you nuts?" : be crazy, insane

Figen was on edge too. : be nervous

But when Figen and Dan set eyes on each other, : see someone or something for the first time

they knew it was the real thing. : be genuine and authentic

several months later Dan went back to Turkey with his parents and formally asked for Figen's hand. : ask for permission to marry someone

"You have time to think about their words and to read between the lines." : guess at something that has not been stated directly


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