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A-Bomb Dome(原爆ドーム)


The Hiroshima Prefectural Commerical Exhibition Hall was constructed in 1915 as a base for promoting the sale of goods produced in Hiroshima Prefecture. The building designed by Czech(チェコの) architect Jan Letzel was highly regarded(高く評価された) for its imposing(大胆な,堂々とした), European-style design. Its name changed to Hiroshima Prefectural Products Exhibition Hall and then to Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall. Intensification of the war(戦争が激しくなった) led the government to discontinue commercial uses of the Industrial Promotion Hall in March 1944. Instead, it housed(~を収容した,~として使用された) the branch office of the Chugoku Shikoku Public Works Office of the Internal Affairs Agency(内務省) and the offices of the Hiroshima District(地方) Lumber(木材) and Japan Lumber Control Corporation.
When the atomic bomb exploded(爆発した), it ravaged(破壊させた) the building instantly. Heat blazing(燃え立つ) from above consumed(消滅させた) the entire building, killing everyone in it. Because the blast(爆風) attacked the building from virtually straight overhead, some walls escaped total collapse. Along with(~とともに) the wire framework of the dome, these form the shape that has become a symbol. At some point it became known as the "A-bomb Dome."
In 1966, Hiroshima City determined(決定した) to preserve the A-bomb Dome indefinitely(永久に) and solicited funds(募金を呼びかけた) from within Japan and overseas. To date(現在まで), the A-bomb Dome has undergone(行われた) two preservation projects.
As a historical witness(証人) that conveys(伝える) the disaster of the first atomic bombing in history, and as a symbol of the vow(誓い) to pursue the abolition(廃絶) of nuclear weapons and enduring(恒久の) peace, in December 1996 the A-bomb Dome was registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List based on the Convention(条約) for the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage.


上では"witness"が名詞で「目撃者、証人」という意味で使われていますが、ビジ英 5/2,3のDaily Quizでは、動詞「目撃する」で出ていました。


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