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My Tweets : January 27th - May 2nd, 2019

Yes! The weather is so nice today. Have a good day. :-)
It’s a beautiful sunny day. This is the third time running the washing machine this morning.
It's a perfect day for laundry tomorrow.
There's nothing better than a cold beer after golf.
Unfortunately, it was rainy today. I'm very tired. Please don't ask me about my score. :-)
I'm going to play golf tomorrow. I'm worried about the weather. Tomorrow is the first day of Reiwa era. Just do it!
#NowPlaying "Whatever" by Oasis
Today's blue sky is so beautiful. There isn't a cloud in the sky.
It's a balmy day, isn't it?
I'm at the zoo. :-)
If you can dream it, you can do it. - Walt Disney
Never, never, never, never give up. - Sir Winston Churchill
The harder you work, the luckier you get. - Gary Player
I feel like getting drunk tonight.
I just watched "Dear John" : Nicholas Sparks movie.
I just watched the movie "The Post" about the Washington Post and the Pentagon Papers.
Follow your dream and enjoy your work. That's the most important thing.
All right. I'll keep that in mind.
I have a crick in my neck and it hurts.
#NowPlaying "What Do You Mean?" by @justinbieber
If you were to visit Japan in early April, make sure you see the gorgeous cherry blossoms.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
I went to the golf driving range with my friends this morning.
Everything will work out fine.
Nice game!
I'm falling...

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My Tweets : January 4th, 2018 - January 21st, 2019

The moon is so big and bright tonight.
This song makes me cry.
#NowPlaying Desperado - Eagles
You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey. You'll never know dear, how much I love you. Please don't take my sunshine away.
And we all know everything. That he stood for time will bring. For in peace our hearts will sing. Thanks to Martin Luther King. Happy birthday to you.
The clinic was really crowded when I took my daughter there this morning. Unfortunately, she has got the flu.
The sky is clear today, and the stars are beautiful.
Today is December 30th. I visited my father's grave and cleaned it up this morning. The temple was crowded.
Anyway the thing is what I really mean. Yours are the sweetest eyes I've ever seen. How wonderful life is while you're in the world.
Same here !
Which work of Shakespeare do you like the most?
What makes you happy?
"Little Charo" is a serious story with important themes about life.
Our life together. Is so precious together. We have grown, we have grown. Although our love is still special. Let's take a chance and fly away. Somewhere alone
This song reminds me of my junior high school days. #nowplaying (Just Like) Starting Over - John Lennon
I just watched "Overboard". It's a nice movie!
Honesty is the best policy.
It's time to go to bed. Good night.
It's only Monday, but I'm already exhausted.
Thanks. I was influenced by your tweets. Good night.
I watched some movies on Amazon Prime Video this weekend. "The Rewrite" "Begin Again" "Sing Street" "Love and Other Drugs" "Like Crazy"
In 1969. It was called Woodstock, and it was held for three days in the state of New York. When it ended, people said, "This concert will be talked about for years." And they were right. Many legends of rock and roll performed at Woodstock.
Elizaveta Tuktamysheva invited Japanese fans to come to her hotel here in Hiroshima this morning to talk with her before she left for the Exhibition Gala. More than 200 people showed up!
Love of my life, you've hurt me, You've broken my heart and now you leave me. Love of my life can't you see, Bring it back, bring it back, Don't take it away from me because you don't know what it means to me.
Thanks. We had a good time!
Happy Birthday to your sons!
Thanks for your message!
Every cloud has a silver lining.
Thanks! I look forward to seeing your photos everyday. :-)
Thank you. We went to Niagara Falls on our honeymoon 25 years ago. ;-)
I have a business trip to Tokyo tomorrow.
Doing something is always better than doing nothing.
We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. - Aristotle (Greek philosopher)
And when you smile. The whole world stops and stares for a while. 'Cause girl, you're amazing. Just the way you are.
Momoko Sakura, creator of the long-running Japanese #manga and #anime series "Chibi Maruko-chan," died of breast cancer earlier this month, her office says. She was 53.
It's like a scene from a movie.
I went swimming today and now I am so tired. :-)
Go! Go! Mamiko Higa. Her fiance is a famous sumo wrestler,
He always gets up before 6:45 and listens to his favorite English conversation program. "Lesson 92"
I'm about to pass out from the heat...
I'm in the mood for something sweet.
Don't Stop Believin'
Thousands watch the sun glint over the horizon at Stonehenge, celebrating the summer solstice at the Neolithic stone circle.
Today is the longest day of the year. Here's what to know about the 2018 summer solstice.
Thank you for always making me smile!
There's a typhoon approaching.
The rainy season has just set in.
diva : a very successful and famous female singer
Good morning. It’s sunny in Kyoto. Have a nice weekend.
I'm having a hard time falling asleep.
It's the anniversary of my father's death today. I'll always believe that he's watching over us from the sky.
I just got home. I have a sore throat.
The rain has let up.
It's starting to rain outside.
Make yourself necessary to somebody.
It’s a nice morning, isn’t it? Have a nice day!
Nothing's better than drinking beer and watching a game of baseball!
It's really windy outside.
If you're depressed, you're living in the past, and if you're anxious, you're living in the future. But if you're at peace, you're living in the present.
Thank you, Margaret. It was a moving story and one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.
I just watched "The Good Lie". It's a very touching movie.
I watched the movie "Stuck in Love".
I watched the movie "42" about Jackie Robinson. He was the first African American baseball player in the Major Leagues.
Work hasn't been going well lately.
Take care of yourself. I hope you feel better soon.
My wife is asleep in kotatsu. Be careful not to catch a cold.
We've just displayed Hina-dolls for the first time in three years.
I've got too much work. Work is piling up. I'm over my capacity...
I'm not feeling well, so I'm going to bed early. Good night.
I'm going on a one-day business trip to Osaka tomorrow.
I watched "Before Sunrise" and "Before Sunset". They moved me deeply.
It's really windy outside. I hope that the laundry don't get blown away by the wind.
Thanks! I went to the show with my mother. We had a good time.
I've been swamped with work.
I just followed a bunch of @sesamestreet characters on Twitter. :-)
I think I have to move on.
Work isn't going well, so I'm just feeling a little depressed now.
I was in bed all day long yesterday due to bad cough. I took medicine after each meal. I feel better today.
Thank you for your concern.
My chest hurts from coughing too much.
I keep coughing...
I gained weight over the New Year holidays. I have to go on a diet.

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My Tweets : March 17th, 2017 - December 30th, 2017

Today is December 30th. I visited my father's grave with my mother this morning. We cleaned the tomb. The temple was crowded.
I have a low tolerance for cold.
It's freezing cold today...
I just watched Murder on the Orient Express.
I have a sore throat...
I visited my father's grave with my mother and brother and nephew for the first time in a month this morning.
I watched "Love, Rosie" for the first time today.
Black day as Azzurri go crashing out
Good morning. It's cold today, isn't it.
V-Varen Nagasaki promoted to J1 for first time
Shohei Otani speaks of desire to become world's best with move to MLB
NipponHam's Shohei Otani announces he wants to move to MLB
It's really windy outside.
Frog and Toad Are Friends
BayStars beaten but unbowed after Japan Series experience
Lions to let Makita make major move
November 5 is United Nations Tsunami Awareness Day. - Working to Save Lives When a Tsunami Strikes
Hawks capture Japan Series crown on Keizo Kawashima's sayonara single in 11th
We've made some great memories together. #ThankYouIchiro
"Santa is real," the Air Force later confirmed, adding that they track his sleigh ride every Christmas Eve
Fighters land rights to prized slugger Kiyomiya
NPB draft is to be held tomorrow.
Otani fires shutout as cleanup man
Hataoka becomes second to repeat at Japan Women's Open
I got sunburned.
It's a close game.
Kiyomiya elects to enter draft
Today is my mother's birthday. Please stay healthy and live a long life.
It's a new japanese record!! Congratulations!
I like book stores.
I went to several shops after visiting a clinic.
I went to the eye doctor today. I had a visual field test. The result was fine. I go there every six months.
I visited our family's grave with my mother and brother this morning.
It's getting cooler in the mornings and evenings.
I went to watch high school baseball games at the local stadium. It was a hot day today.
Exactly. I read many different news websites.
I went to the swimming pool and the hot spring today. When I took the open-air bath, there was a light breeze which was very pleasant.
I pruned the trees and pulled up the weeds in my garden this afternoon. I'm exhausted.
Insects are chirping. End of summer?
Yes, It's well-known restaurant in Shizuoka. It's always packed. ;-)
We went to the "Sawayaka" restaurant for lunch. We had hamburger steak. It was very crowded.
Obon is a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the spirits of one's ancestors. I visited the grave with my family today.
I went to my junior high school reunion today. We had a great time.
Sani Brown bolts into record book.
Dragons reliever Hitoki Iwase tips his cap to the crowd after pitching in his record 950th game.
Durable, tough Iwase withstands test of time.
Hiroshima 72nd A-bomb anniversary.
Hiroshima marks 72nd anniversary of atomic bombing after Japan's refusal to join nuke ban treaty.
Justin Gatlin tore up Usain Bolt's farewell script as he stole world 100m gold at London2017.
Usain Bolt has made some incredible memories inside this stadium.
My daughter's boyfriend came to our house from Tokyo yesterday. He was a nice guy. I have mixed feelings...
Is it still Tuesday today...? What a long week...
I found it heartwarming.
Yes. It touched my heart.
Just watched "I am Sam". It was a touching movie.
My memory is getting short these days...
Good morning. There's not a cloud in the sky. Have a nice weekend.
Same here. :-)
I study English by myself. My English doesn't seem to be improving.
I visited the grave with my family this morning.
Climbers' tents make for a colorful display on a snowy mountain in the northern Alps.
I just ordered two bunches of carnations for my mother and mother-in-law online.
Traffic is going to be bad, so you had better go to the washroom before leaving.
The shopping mall is full of people.
I know how your father feels. ;-)
Now it's the Eagles vs. Hotel California in a federal court
I feel the same way! :-)
Thanks for your message. We went to Nara for the first time in about ten years. We had a good time.
Thanks. I had a good time with my wife.
Here at last! Horyuji Temple.
How much longer will it take??
I'm stuck in traffic now...
I just watched How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.
I watched the movie "Yes Man" this morning. I'm gonna think positive.
It reminds me of the old days.
I just watched St. Elmo's Fire.
I hope you feel better soon.
I watched Almost Famous today.
I hope you feel better soon.
I watched Almost Famous today.
I'd like to check out this book.
You can check out up to 5 books at a time.
I just got back home now.
I'm still stuck at the office...
I need to cut down on alcohol.
It's almost two. I have to go to bed now. It's going to be a nice day tomorrow.
Princess Kako heading to University of Leeds in September.
Nakamura scored today for his current club Jubilo Iwata. 38-years-old and still producing magic.
William and Kate surprise Radio 1 visit.
I'm exhausted. I had to work overtime again today.
Samurai show mixed post-WBC results
A major U.S. airline is drawing criticism after video posted online shows security officers dragging a passenger off an overbooked flight.
if you nail something, you succeed in getting it, after a lot of time or effort
She finally nailed her dream job.
Mao Asada nailed her trademark triple axel and won a silver medal.
Thanks! I feel much better.
I think I'm getting a cold.
I had my hair cut today. I feel refreshed. I go to a barber shop once every three weeks.
What a long week.
It's almost two. I have to go to bed now. Sweet dreams.
Colorful cover Cherry blossoms bloom along the river in Nakameguro, which is a popular viewing spot for "hanami".
Hanyu claims second career gold at worlds with spectacular comeback. Uno grabs silver.
As the Cubs release Munenori Kawasaki, we remember his greatest moments with the team.
This song gets to me every time I listen to it.
Rising star Kubo strikes again.
I was busy today as well.
Yokozuna Kisenosato denies Terunofuji to claim Spring Basho title.
Kisenosato pulls off comeback for title.
Kubo stars as Japan beat UAE in World Cup qualifier.
Japan confident ahead of WBC semifinal against host U.S.
Molina finds Profar too far off bag at first.
This photo of Adam Jones' catch in the World Baseball Classic is amazing.
Thank you for your message! :-)
Good morning. I'm done with the laundry. It's a sunny day.
My daughter graduated from university today.
I'm going to visit the family grave with my mother tomorrow morning .

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高校生からはじめる「現代英語」 Obama's Hiroshima Speech - DAY 4



高校生からはじめる「現代英語」 夏の特別企画(Summer Special)
Obama's Hiroshima Speech - DAY 4 の復習です。

That is a future we can choose. 「それは、私たちが選択できる1つの未来なのです。」

・cruelty 「残虐行為」

・spouse 「配偶者」

・embrace 「抱擁」

・precious 「貴重な」

・ordinary 「普通の」

・would rather 「むしろ~したほうがいいと思う」

・it is worth ~ing 「~する価値がある」

・dawn 「夜明け、始まり」

・atmic warfare 「核戦争」

・awakening 「目覚め、覚醒、気づくこと」

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高校生からはじめる「現代英語」 Obama's Hiroshima Speech - DAY 3

高校生からはじめる「現代英語」 夏の特別企画(Summer Special)
Obama's Hiroshima Speech - DAY 3 の復習です。

The memory of the morning of August 6th, 1945, must never fade. 「1945年8月6日朝の記憶は、決して薄れてはなりません。」

・equivalent 「同等の、同じ価値の」

・institution 「(人間社会がつくり上げた)組織(国家を含む)・社会の制度・慣習など」

・doom 「破滅させる」

・dread 「恐れ」

・innocent 「罪のない人」

・arc 「弧、(弧を描くような一連の)流れ」

・mere 「ほんの、単なる」

・suffering 「苦しみ」

・shared responsibility 「共同責任」

・curb 「抑制する、減らす、防ぐ」

・bear witness 「証言する」

・fade 「徐々に弱まり消えていく、風化する、フェード(アウト)する」

・complacency 「現状に甘んじる気持ち、自己満足」

・fuel 「燃料(fuel)を与える、刺激する」

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高校生からはじめる「現代英語」 Obama's Hiroshima Speech - DAY 2

高校生からはじめる「現代英語」 夏の特別企画(Summer Special)
Obama's Hiroshima Speech - DAY 2 の復習です。

We are most starkly reminded of humanity's core contradiction. 「私たちは最も厳しく、人間性の中核にある矛盾について想起させられるのです。」

・chronicle 「記録する」

・camp 「(難民・捕虜)収容所」

・echo of 「~のこだまが響く」 ここでは、動詞のecho。echo of としてかたまりで覚えよう。

・depravity 「道徳的に腐敗、邪悪な行為」

・mushroom cloud 「きのこ雲」

・starkly 「厳しく、苛酷に、極端にはっきりと」

・these skiesと、skyが複数形になっているのは、「大空」「上空」など「広い範囲の空」を表す用法。強意の複数形と言うらしい。

・humanity's core contradiction 「人間性の中核にある矛盾、人類の根本的矛盾」

・very 「~こそが」「まさに」「まさしく」と意味を強める形容詞として使う。

・a species 「ひとつの種」 この単語は単数でも複数でもspecies。

・bend 「曲げる」

・unmatched destruction 「比類なき破壊」


・sacrifice 「犠牲」

・allow for remarkable feats 「素晴らしい偉大な行為を可能にする」

・oppress 「弾圧する、苦しめる」

・dehumanize 「人間性を奪う」



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高校生からはじめる「現代英語」 Obama's Hiroshima Speech - DAY 1

広島平和記念公園におけるバラク・オバマ大統領の演説 - 在日米国大使館・領事館

Remarks by President Obama and Prime Minister Abe of Japan at Hiroshima Peace Memorial - The White House



高校生からはじめる「現代英語」 夏の特別企画(Summer Special)
Obama's Hiroshima Speech - DAY 1 の復習です。

Why do we come to this place, to Hiroshima? 「なぜ私たちはこの場所へ来るのでしょうか、広島へ?」

・mankind possessed the means to destroy itself 「人類が自らを滅ぼす手段を保有した」


・ponder 「じっくりと考える、熟考する」

・unleash 「解き放つ」

・in a not-so-distant past 「それほど遠くない過去に」

・mourn 「追悼する」

・inward 「内側、内部」 <-> outward

・take stock of 「(現状を)注意深く判断する」

・brutal 「残酷な、残忍な」

・in the span of a few years 「数年と言う期間に」

・some 60 miillion people 「およそ6,000万の人々」


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高校生からはじめる「現代英語」 Lesson16

高校生からはじめる「現代英語」 Lesson16 の復習です。

Method Developed to Detect Stress Levels in Dogs 「犬のストレスの度合いを検出する方法、開発される」

・canine 「犬の」
・feline 「猫の」
・bovine 「牛の」
・avian 「鳥の」

 canine 以外にもちょっと調べました。いろいろあるんですね。

・electrocardiogram 「心電図」 → electr(o)- 「電気の」 cardi(o)- 「心臓の」 -gram 「図」


・cardiac activity 「心臓の活動」

・tense 「緊張した(状態で)」

・barometer 「気圧計、(天候の変化などを知る)指標、バロメーター」


・stress levels in dogs 「犬のストレスの度合い」
・disease in dogs 「犬の病気」

 ストレスも病気も、犬の体の内側にあるということで、in dogs と言う風に、前置詞に in を使うのだそうです。

・tell whether 「~かどうかを判別する」

・bridge the gap between A and B 「AとBとの間のギャップに橋をかける、橋渡しをする、乗り越える」

・commercialize 「商品化する、実用化する」

・subtle changes 「わずかな変化」

・detect early signs of disease in dogs 「犬の病気の早期の兆候を検出する」

 detect はdiscover と違い「(見つけるのが困難な)悪いことを発見する」という場合に使うことが多い。

・detective 「刑事、探偵」
・lie detector 「うそ発見器」
・fire detector 「火災報知機」


8月号は、夏の特別企画で、バラク・オバマ第44代アメリカ合衆国大統領の広島演説 Obama's Hiroshima speech ですね。

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高校生からはじめる「現代英語」 Lesson15

高校生からはじめる「現代英語」 Lesson15 の復習です。

New Guidelines Call for Earlier English Learning 「新指導要領が、より早い英語学習を求める」

・beginning in ~ 「~から(開始する)」

Beginning in mid-July, Tokyo gets really hot. 「7月の半ばから、東京は本当に暑くなる。」


・as a rule 「通常は、概して(=usually)」
・conduct 「行う」

As a rule, English lessons at junior high schools are to be conducted in English. 「通常は、中学校での英語授業は英語で行われることになります。」


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高校生からはじめる「現代英語」 Lesson14

高校生からはじめる「現代英語」 Lesson14 の復習です。(一週間遅れです。。)

Study to Regenerate Spinal Cords with iPS Cells 「(臨床)研究でiPS細胞を用いて脊髄を再生へ」


・induced pluripotent stem cell 「人口多能性幹細胞、iPS細胞」
・spinal cord 「脊髄」
・stem cell 「幹細胞」
・nerve 「神経」
・transplant 「移植する」

・paralysis 「まひ、動けない状態」
・paralyze 「まひさせる、動けないようにさせる」

・a severe spinal injury 「深刻な脊髄損傷」
・be paralyzed from the chest down 「胸から下がまひしている」

・tissue 「(体内の)組織、ティッシュペーパー」


・ethics 「倫理(学)、道徳哲学」

・limb 「手や足(の1本)、肢」

・have high hopes 「大いに期待する」

・like I used to 「以前のように」

・on the verge of 「今にも~しようとして、~を目前にして」

 be on the verge of success 「成功はすぐそこだ」
 be on the verge of war 「戦争の危機にひんしている」
 be on the verge of tears 「泣きそうである」

・verge 「境界線、境目、端(はし)、瀬戸際」

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高校生からはじめる「現代英語」 Lesson13

高校生からはじめる「現代英語」 Lesson13 の復習です。

Tokyo to Halp Make Olympic Medals from Used Phones 「東京(都)、使われなくなった(携帯)電話からオリンピック・メダルを作るのに協力へ」


・cell phone and other electronic devices 「携帯電話などの電子機器」

・electronic devices such as cell phones 「例えば携帯電話のような電子機器」

・The Beatles' hits include "I Want to Hold Your Hand" and "Yesterday." 「「君の手を握りたい」「イエスタデイ」などがあります」


・extract 「引き出す、取り出す、抽出する」

・across the country 「国中に」

・For that, 「そのために、」


・pich in 「投げ入れる」「(お金や物資や労力などを)勢いよく(提供して)協力する」


pitch in : phrasal verb (informal)

1. to join others and help with an activity

・If we all pitch in, we'll have it finished in no time.

・Everyone pitched in with efforts to entertain the children.

2. to join others and pay part of the money towards something

・They all pitched in and the money was collected within a few days.

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高校生からはじめる「現代英語」 Lesson12

高校生からはじめる「現代英語」 Lesson12 の復習Tweetです。

Crime in Japan Down Again 「日本の犯罪が再び減少」

criminal offense「刑法犯罪」white-collar crime「知能犯罪」surveillance「監視」false charge「えん罪」fall into the trap of「という落とし穴にはまる」culprit「犯人」」#高校生からはじめる現代英語 Lesson12

underscore「明確に示す」reputation「評判」hit a record low「記録的な低さに達する」carry a risk「危険性を伴う」Since then,「その後は」Still,「それでもなお」Even so,「そうであっても」#高校生からはじめる現代英語 Lesson12

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高校生からはじめる「現代英語」 Lesson11

高校生からはじめる「現代英語」6月第3週 Lesson11 の復習Tweetです。

・Earth's Oxygen May Be Traveling to the Moon 「地球の酸素が月まで旅しているかも」

orbiter「軌道周回衛星」have an influence on「に影響を及ぼす」or rather「あるいはむしろ、言い直しますと」there mey be「があるかもしれない」There's a possibility that「という可能性がある」#高校生からはじめる現代英語 Lesson11

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高校生からはじめる「現代英語」 Lesson10

高校生からはじめる「現代英語」6月第2週 Lesson10 の復習Tweetです。

・Drones, Autonomous Cars to Buzz Special Zones「ドローン、自動運転車は特区で忙しく往来へ」

autonomous car「自動運転車」buzz「(蜜蜂のように)忙しく・素早く動き回る」buzzer「ブザー」elsewhere「他の場所で」carry out trials「試験を行う」reform「改革」deregulation「規制緩和」#高校生からはじめる現代英語 Lesson10

日本語の「自由に」は2つの意味。freely「他からの束縛なしに」well, fluently「思いのまま、上手に」#高校生からはじめる現代英語 Lesson10 Sam's Notes

reform「改革」リフォームは和製英語。建物のリフォームはrenovation, remodeling, rebuilding。衣服のリフォームはalteration, altering, remaking。#高校生からはじめる現代英語 Lesson10

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高校生からはじめる「現代英語」 6月 Lesson9

高校生からはじめる「現代英語」6月第1週 Lesson9の復習Tweetです。

・Free Cafeterias Helps Poor Children「無料食堂が貧しい子どもたちを援助」

one out of six「6人に1人」or「つまり」initiative「取り組み、運動」become involved「関わる」across Japan「日本各地の」nationwide「全国に」bond「絆」at a low cost「低価格で」#高校生からはじめる現代英語 Lesson9

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・New Taxis in Japan to Be Bigger, More Accessible「日本の新型タクシーは大型化、乗り降りが楽に」

roll out「発表する」the elderly「高齢者」the sick「病気の人たち」boost「促進する」ahead of 2020「2020年を前にして」rush「急増」seat「(他)座らせる」people in wheelchairs「車いすの人たち」#高校生からはじめる現代英語 Lesson5

・Service Starts at World's Longest Railway Tunnel「世界最長の鉄道トンネル 運行開始」

a historic event「歴史上重要な出来事」a historical event「歴史上で起きた出来事の1つ」be part of「参加する」at a cost of「の費用で」#高校生からはじめる現代英語 Lesson6

・Quantum Scalpel: Next-Generation Cancer Treatment「量子メス 次世代のがん治療」

quantum scalpel「量子メス」team up with「~と協力する」break up「完全に壊れる」state-run institute「国立の機関」put to practical use「実用化する」accurate「正確な」#高校生からはじめる現代英語 Lesson7

・Feathered Dinosaur Tail Found in Amber「こはくから羽毛のついた恐竜の尾を発見」

be blown away「大変驚いた」be expected to「~するはずだ」be named after「~にちなんで名づけられる」debris「破片」tree sap「樹液」trapped「閉じ込められた」#高校生からはじめる現代英語 Lesson8

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・Artificial Intelligence Saves Life「人工知能が命を救う」

artificial intelligence「人工知能」diagnosis「診断」tout「勧める」go through treatment「治療を受ける」in her 60s「60代」conclude「結論を出す」anti-cancer drug「抗がん剤」#高校生からはじめる現代英語 Lesson1

・John Lennon's Angry Letter Sold for $30,000「ジョン・レノンの怒りの手紙 3万ドルで売れる」

break-up,split「解散」the late「故」bitter confrontation「激しい対立」persuade「説得する」include「~などがある」insane「正気でない」Get off your high horse「他人を見下すのはやめろ」#高校生からはじめる現代英語 Lesson2

・Diet Passes Bill to Use Money in Dormant Accounts「休眠預金を活用する法律が成立」

the Diet「国会」pass a bill「法案を通過させる」dormant「眠っている」free up「自由にする」lose contact with「連絡が取れなくなる」community revitalization「地域の活性化」as of「~時点で」#高校生からはじめる現代英語 Lesson3

・A Taste of the Past「過去の味-江戸時代のレシピ」

check out「調べる、図書館で本を借りる、お店で精算する」decipher「解読する」put in the time and effort「時間と手間をかける」authentic「本物の」Japanese cuisine「和食」intangible「無形の」#高校生からはじめる現代英語 Lesson4

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日曜日の夜 22:25から22:55まで、NHKラジオ第2放送で「高校生からはじめる現代英語」の再放送があります。

先日の日曜日は、NHKネットラジオ「らじる らじる」をちょっと早めにオンしたのですが、22:00から22:25まで、「ボキャブライダー」の再放送を5回分まとめて放送していました。

何気なく聞いていると、complimentary とか出てきて、TOEIC好きは反応しちゃうなぁなんて思ってしまいました。


turn on a faucet「蛇口をひねって水を出す」
turn off a faucet「蛇口をひねって水を止める」
I turned on the faucet and washed my face.「私は蛇口をひねって、顔を洗いました。」

次は、tap water「水道水」。
Can I have a tap water?「水道水をもらえますか?」

「お湯をいっぱいになるまでためる」は、fill up「いっぱいに満たす」。
Can you fill up the bathtub for me?「私のために、湯船いっぱいにためてもらえますか?」
Fill it up, please.「満タンにしてください。」

I love to soak in a hot bath.「私は熱い湯船につかるのが大好きです。」



出演は、葵わかなちゃんと、声がかっこいいMaxwell Powers(マックスウェル・パワーズ)さん。
監修は、田中茂範先生とJeff Clark(ジェフ・クラーク)先生なんですね。





iOS (iPhone/iPod touch/iPad)

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最後は、伊藤サム先生の公式サイト「伊藤サム 英語の世界」
「やさしくたくさん」英語学習法・ST・The Japan Times・英字新聞の読み方・英文ジャーナリスト・英文記者など英語力総合サイト



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NHKラジオ英語講座 新年度4月号テキストをチェック










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My Tweets : January 7th, 2016 - January 26th, 2017

I came home early today. I had dinner with my wife.
I need to be at work early tomorrow.
We took quite a lot of photos during the trip. Barcelona was so beautiful. We had a wonderful time. I'm thankful for my family.
Sagrada Familia - its shadow on the pond
Sagrada Familia lit up at night
Hospital de Sant Pau
Amazing stained glass ceiling of the Palau de la Musica Catalana.
The view from the Park Guell at sunrise.
I had a great time with my family in Barcelona. We created a lot of fun memories.
I'm in Barcelona.
I'm home. Blustery winds and heavy rain outside.
I have to go to bed earlier today. Sweet dreams.
I haven't been reading books lately.
I need to cut down on alcohol.
Thanks. I have just received it.
I just ordered a mobile battery online.
I have to go to bed now. Good night.
I'm home. It's already 1 am. I've had a lot on my plate.
I donated blood at the shopping mall today.
Your teacher inspired you. You inspired us. Continue to be the change you want to see. - Nike
Hector and one devoted teacher,and Nike helping to pay it forward.
Tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow is sure to come.
I'm in a bit of a funk tonight.
I can't stop thinking about things.
Listening to REM's Fables of the Reconstruction for the first time in a while.
#NowPlaying Time after time - Cyndy Lauper / It reminds me of my college days.
"The Curse of the Billy Goat is over." Cubs win 1st Series title since 1908, beat Indians
Cubs send Series to inevitable Game 7
The weather forecast says it will be very cold tomorrow. Be careful not to catch a cold.
I went shopping with my wife in the mall today. I got two pairs of shoes.
I got my wisdom tooth pulled out today. My cheek is swollen.
It's already 2 o'clock. I have to go to bed now.
Cameron Diaz is so cute in "There's Something About Mary".
I've just watched She's Out of My League. It's a nice movie.
I've just watched Cast Away starring Tom Hanks. I really got involved in the story.
I'm watching Forrest Gump and I always forget how much I love this movie.
I'm exhausted. I'm working tomorrow...
I have to go to bed earlier today.
I'm dead beat. I'm up to my neck in work.
I realized the necessity of learning English on a business trip to China last week.
I chipped my tooth at lunch. I went to the dentist this evening. I felt a pain when I had my tooth drilled.
I just came back from a short business trip to China.
35 years ago, MTV debuted and video killed the radio star.
Japan women's volleyball team books spot in Rio Olympics.
Blocking rule causing confusion at home plate.
President Obama will become the first sitting American president to visit Hiroshima, Japan.
President Obama to visit Hiroshima - first serving president to go to Japanese city hit by 1945 US nuclear attack.
I think something good is going to happen today.
Good things will come your way.
I've just placed an order for a bunch of carnations for my mother-in-law online.
Thank you for the detailed explanation!
It feels like I have a little bit of empty nest syndrome.
What a game!
My father has gone into hospital again.
streamline:to make something such as a business, organization etc work more simply and effectively [LONGMAN]
I pruned the longer branches off the plum tree in our garden today.
prune:to cut off some of the branches of a tree or bush to make it grow better [LONGMAN]
How do you pronounce "Uluru" ?
I went to visit the family grave this morning.
I got new glasses today.
I just became an iPhone user. :-)
I should go to bed early tonight.
I'm feeling under the weather. I'm coming down with a cold.
Thank you Kumi-san. What a coincidence! Happy birthday to your father too.
Today is my father's birthday. Unfortunately he is in hospital now.
I'm off to bed. Have a good night.
It's already 4. I had a long day. It's still Wednesday.

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The 10 Commandments of Baseball 「野球十戒」

The 10 Commandments of Baseball (Ten Commandments for Success in Baseball)

1. Nobody ever became a ballplayer by walking after a ball
2. You will never become a .300 hitter unless you take the bat off your shoulder.
3. An outfielder who throws back of a runner is locking the barn after the horse is stolen.
4. Keep your head up and you may not have to hold it down.
5. When you start to slide, S-L-I-D-E. He who changes his mind may have to change a good leg for a bad one.
6. Do not alibi on bad hops. Anybody can field the good ones.
7. Always run them out. You can never tell.
8. Do not quit.
9. Do not find too much fault with the umpires. You cannot expect them to be as perfect as you are.
10. A pitcher who hasn't control hasn't anything.


1. ボールの後ろをのろのろ歩いている者は、決して野球選手にはなれない。
2. 肩にかついだバットを離さなければ、3割打者にはなれない。
3. 昨日自分がやったことを過大に考えている者は、その日たいしたことは出来ない。
4. 頭を持ち上げていろ。決してうつむくな。
5. いったんスライディングを始めたら、なにがあってもスライディングせよ。
6. あれはバウンドが悪かったと言い訳するな。バウンドが良ければ誰でも捕れる。
7. いつも駆け出せ。口で用を足そうとするな。
8. 途中で放棄するな。
9. あまり深く審判の欠点をほじくり出そうとするな。
10. コントロールを身につけていない投手は、何も身につけていないのと同じだ。

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My Tweets : January 27th - December 31st, 2015

Have a great new year!
Life is full of ups and downs.
Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.
It always seems impossible until it's done.
You'll never find a rainbow if you're looking down.
Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow.
Hold up your head! You were not made for failure, you were made for victory. Go forward with a joyful confidence.
I'm dead tired after working 16 hours straight. When nothing goes right, go to sleep.
I went to Tokyo on a business trip today. I've been busy day in and day out.
I took the afternoon off and got some rest today.
I'm completely worn out. It's only Tuesday...
I had a hectic day today. I'm exhausted.
I made a blood donation. Thanks for my health.
I think I'll bring in the laundry.
Brrr, it's cold tonight.
I want some me time.
Thanks, I am very happy.
I wanted to have dinner together tonight...
Thank you. I just said to her "Happy Birthday!". :-)
Thank you for your warmhearted message.
Today is my daughter's birthday, but I couldn't get home early.
I've been tied up lately.
The entrance exam season has begun.
I bought an air purifier. It is bigger than I thought.
My father left the hospital this morning. But he has a slight fever now.
There isn't a cloud in the sky. Have a good day!
Good morning. It's chilly. I didn't sleep well last night.
I visited the family grave with my mother this morning.
My father went into hospital again. I hope he will get better soon.
Today was my birthday. I received an email message from my daughter this morning.
I watched "Gone with the Wind" for the first time today.
It's starting to rain.
Good morning. It's clearing up. Have a nice weekend. :-)
I'm going to an eye doctor tomorrow. I have a visual field test every six months.
My father was released from the hospital this morning.
I had an air conditioner installed in a room on the second floor yesterday.
We had a ball at the reunion yesterday.
I'm attending a junior high class reunion this evening. I'm really looking forward to seeing my friends.
I went to the swimming pool this afternoon. It was for the first time in years. I am absolutely exhausted.
My mother and I visited our ancestors' grave this morning.
I just watched Boyhood on DVD.
I bought a long stepladder and trimmed the hedge today. I'm very tired. I had a nice beer.
I appreciate your concern.
Thank you for your concern.
My father has been in the hospital since Monday. I hope he gets better soon.
The humidity is killing me.
It was burning hot today! I have bad sunburn on my face. it's really red.
I went to watch high school baseball games with my daughter today. There were exciting games. We had parfaits at a cafe after the games.
I'm watching The Open championship at St. Andrews right now.
I woke up at 3 in the morning.
Today, I watched "Lawrence of Arabia" on DVD for the first time,
According to the weather forecast, typhoons are likely to approach Japan.
I wish this rain would go away.
Good morning. It's cloudy today. Have a nice weekend.
Good morning. It's raining again today. I'm doing the laundry now.
I went to my daughter's high school today. The school festival was held there. I had fun.
I'm just about finished doing the laundry.
Good morning. It's drizzling here. Rainy season.
Confusion, I don't know what I should do.
I'll send an SOS to the world. I hope that someone gets my message in a bottle.
There's no limit to my worries.
I watched "About Time" on DVD I rented this morning. When I saw the movie at the theater last year, I was moved more.
I'm so stressed out at my work. I'm mentally exhausted. I'm burned out.
Thanks for your concern. I'm gonna go to bed now.
My throat hurts.
I think I'm coming down with a cold.
It's a really beautiful sunny morning. Perfect day for laundry.
I have to go to bed, goodnight I love you all :)
I've just placed an order for flower arrangements for my mother and mother-in-law online.
Good morning. It's drizzling here. My left wrist hurts when I twist it.
I'm attending a class reunion this evening. I'm looking forward to seeing my classmates.
Good morning. It's another sunny day.
RIP Ben E. King. Stand By Me is one of my favourite songs ever.
It's almost two. It's time for me to go to bed. Sweet dreams.
Well, I can't go into details, but it's something to do with developing a new product.
I feel a cold coming on.
We've been working on this project for months. And there's no end in sight. We can't see the light at the end of the tunnel.
It's been freezing cold these days.
You can say that again.
It's snowing in Shizuoka.
I'm gonna go to bed early today. Sweet dreams.
My nose tickles and I sneeze a lot today. I have really bad hay fever.
Leonard Nimoy, best known for playing the role of Spock in the "Star Trek" movies and television series has died at age 83.
RIP Mr. Spock. We will never forget you.
It's already 2. I'm having dinner now.
I'm turning in for the night.
As long as you set your mind to it, you can do almost anything. Don't ever give up.
I've just got home. It's past 1 AM...
Things aren't as bad as you think.
Keep your chin up and things will start to get better.
We all need some downtime to recharge our batteries.
Yes, I've been up to my neck in work lately. Thank you for your concern.
I will go to work on a day off tomorrow.
I've been buried under a pile of work.
I've been snowed under at work lately.
I'm home! I'm swamped with work.
It's supposed to be rain tomorrow. There's a 80 percent chance of rain.
I was a little timid last night. Think Positive!
Thank you for your kindness!
I'm gonna go to bed. Good night.
I'm overwhelmed by the amount of work I had to deal with.
The silicon chip inside my head gets switched to overload... I don't like Mondays.
The buds on the ume tree have swollen in my garden.
Hina-Matsuri - the Doll's Festival is held on March 3rd in Japan. It's the day to pray for healthy growth and happiness for young girls.
We've just displayed Hina-dolls for my daughters.
It's getting windy outside.
Good morning. It's a calm day here. Have a good day!
I'm working tomorrow.
It's just cleared up.
Thank you for telling me. That sounds good. I'll give it a try.
I haven't been getting enough sleep lately.
I've just got home. It's past 2 A.M, I am so dead...
Step to it whatever happens.
Go forward step by step.
Don't give up when you get discouraged.
Go forward without looking back.
Don't worry. Be more positive!
Thanks. You're really nice.
I've just got home. I had a hectic day. I'm totally exhausted.
I ate Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki for lunch. I love it.
I went to bookstores and browsed many English books today.
I've been busy with work. It's still monday. I'm already tired.

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    2015年度 入門ビジネス英語


    社内英語ワールドサバイバル本 CD付
    図解式 金融英語の基礎知識
    世界経済がわかるリーダーの英語(CD付) (ダボス会議)
    ダボス会議で聞く 世界がわかる英語(CD付)

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    My Tweets : October 28th, 2014 - January 25th, 2015

    Thanks. We had a good time.:-)
    We had tendons for lunch after the movie. Tendon is a bowl of rice topped with tempura.
    I went to see a Japanese movie called 'Again' with my daughter today. The story is about 'Masters Koshien'. It moved me to tears.
    It's supposed to be rain tomorrow. There's a ninety percent chance of rain.
    My wife also watches it. She likes Korean dramas and is a fun of Ha Ji-Won.
    That's awesome! Congrats!
    I'm gonna go to bed. Good night.
    I'm home. It's almost midnight. I had a hard day at work...
    I'm home. It is already past midnight.
    Tomorrow is my father's birthday. I want him to live a long time.
    Some Tokyoites who celebrated their coming-of-age marked 2,020 days until the 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympics.
    Today, January 12th, is a national holiday in Japan. Coming-of-Age Day, in honor of those who will turn 20 this year.
    A weather observatory in Japan's northernmost pref. of Hokkaido says it has spotted ice floes off the coast for the first time this winter.
    My car inspection will be expired next month. I'm going to buy a new car. I went to a car dealership and two auto parts stores today.
    My daughter came back home last night. She is attending the coming-of-age ceremony tomorrow. Time flies.
    Thank you for your concern. I took a medicine. I feel better now. :-)
    Good morning. There's not a cloud in the sky today. I feel like I'm getting a cold.
    Thanks. I wish you and your family much happiness this year!
    Thanks. It was held in our hometown. You must be looking forward to your reunion. Enjoy!
    Thanks. Happy New Year to you too.
    I attended a junior high school reunion yesterday. We gathered for the first time in decades. I really enjoyed the time with good friends.
    My family and I went on a trip to hot spring from New Year's Eve to New Year's Day. We had a good time.
    Happy New Year! I hope you all have a wonderful year.
    The New Year is just around the corner.
    I decorated the entrance of our home with Shimekazari today. New year is coming soon.
    I got a haircut today. I feel refreshed.
    It's clearing up!
    Good morning. It's drizzling. My daughter is coming back home today.
    Good morning! I'm reading "There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom." now.
    I have an upset stomach. I had no year-end party this year. I've been tied up with work. I ate and drank too much late at night.
    Thanks, you too!
    I think I should go to bed now. Sweet dreams. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    I've been busy with work. I am exhausted.
    I just downloaded a book to my Kindle Paperwhite. There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom by Louis Sachar.
    I watched "The Wedding Singer" this afternoon. Drew Barrymore is so cute.
    Just watched "It's a Wonderful Life" for the first time. I cried. What a heart touching Movie.
    I just watched Home Alone on DVD. It's a nice, funny movie,
    The New York Yankees are an American professional baseball team based in the Bronx borough of New York City.
    The Beatles were an English rock band that formed in Liverpool, in 1960.
    I went to vote this morning.
    Then I watched "The Holiday" this evening. Christmas is just around the corner.
    I watched "Labor Day" and "Soul Surfer" today.
    It's getting light outside.
    Good morning, though it's still dark out.
    I wonder who that can be. It can't be the milkman because he came this morning.
    I had a forgettable time at the World Cup in Brazil this summer. That painful experience made me want to become an even better player.
    “I'll turn 35 in another month, but I want to keep proving that age has nothing to do with football.”said Endo.
    I'm gonna take a bath to relax and get warm.
    I printed new year cards for my parents today.
    A disaster drill was held this morning.
    We are on the same page.
    What's the weather forecast for tomorrow? It's supposed to be rain. There's a seventy percent chance of rain in the morning.
    I'm exhausted. I should go to bed early tonight, but I'm surfing the Internet now...
    I'm home. I've been tied up with work...
    Perfect! :) Have a lovely day!
    Happy thanksgiving. Have a blessed day.
    My wife is going to see autumn foliage in Kyoto tommorow. I hope it doesn't rain.
    Yes, we had a fruitful weekend. :-)
    I stood up reading and browsed some TOEIC books at a bookstore.
    We went to a shopping mall and bought shirts, sweaters and shoes this evening. We had a good time.
    I went to an university with my wife and daughter. An open campus was held today. While my daughter was receiving an explanation, we took a walk around campus. We had lunch among many students at the cafeteria. I wish I could go back to my undergraduate days.
    I bought a new printer and set it up today. I'm going to make new year's cards next month.
    We finally set up the kotatsu. I like sleeping under the kotatsu.
    It's quite chilly tonight. I'm gonna go to bed.
    The program will be rebroadcast.
    Long time no see. How have you been?
    My wife and I are eating out for dinner tonight.
    Good morning. I hung out the laundry outside. Hope it doesn't rain.
    I'm home. It's almost 1 am. I'm worn out
    Tomorrow is another day. Good night.
    I'm home! It's almost 1 am...
    I feel a cold coming on. I should go to bed earlier.
    His career was cut short when he died in World War II.
    The Sawamura Award, named in honor of legendary Yomiuri Giants pitcher Eiji Sawamura, is given to NPB's most dominant starting pitcher.

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    The Tiger Who Came to Tea

    The Tiger Who Came to Tea』 Judith Kerr (著)





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