The 10 Commandments of Baseball 「野球十戒」

The 10 Commandments of Baseball (Ten Commandments for Success in Baseball)

1. Nobody ever became a ballplayer by walking after a ball
2. You will never become a .300 hitter unless you take the bat off your shoulder.
3. An outfielder who throws back of a runner is locking the barn after the horse is stolen.
4. Keep your head up and you may not have to hold it down.
5. When you start to slide, S-L-I-D-E. He who changes his mind may have to change a good leg for a bad one.
6. Do not alibi on bad hops. Anybody can field the good ones.
7. Always run them out. You can never tell.
8. Do not quit.
9. Do not find too much fault with the umpires. You cannot expect them to be as perfect as you are.
10. A pitcher who hasn't control hasn't anything.


1. ボールの後ろをのろのろ歩いている者は、決して野球選手にはなれない。
2. 肩にかついだバットを離さなければ、3割打者にはなれない。
3. 昨日自分がやったことを過大に考えている者は、その日たいしたことは出来ない。
4. 頭を持ち上げていろ。決してうつむくな。
5. いったんスライディングを始めたら、なにがあってもスライディングせよ。
6. あれはバウンドが悪かったと言い訳するな。バウンドが良ければ誰でも捕れる。
7. いつも駆け出せ。口で用を足そうとするな。
8. 途中で放棄するな。
9. あまり深く審判の欠点をほじくり出そうとするな。
10. コントロールを身につけていない投手は、何も身につけていないのと同じだ。

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My Tweets : January 27th - December 31st, 2015

Have a great new year!
Life is full of ups and downs.
Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.
It always seems impossible until it's done.
You'll never find a rainbow if you're looking down.
Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow.
Hold up your head! You were not made for failure, you were made for victory. Go forward with a joyful confidence.
I'm dead tired after working 16 hours straight. When nothing goes right, go to sleep.
I went to Tokyo on a business trip today. I've been busy day in and day out.
I took the afternoon off and got some rest today.
I'm completely worn out. It's only Tuesday...
I had a hectic day today. I'm exhausted.
I made a blood donation. Thanks for my health.
I think I'll bring in the laundry.
Brrr, it's cold tonight.
I want some me time.
Thanks, I am very happy.
I wanted to have dinner together tonight...
Thank you. I just said to her "Happy Birthday!". :-)
Thank you for your warmhearted message.
Today is my daughter's birthday, but I couldn't get home early.
I've been tied up lately.
The entrance exam season has begun.
I bought an air purifier. It is bigger than I thought.
My father left the hospital this morning. But he has a slight fever now.
There isn't a cloud in the sky. Have a good day!
Good morning. It's chilly. I didn't sleep well last night.
I visited the family grave with my mother this morning.
My father went into hospital again. I hope he will get better soon.
Today was my birthday. I received an email message from my daughter this morning.
I watched "Gone with the Wind" for the first time today.
It's starting to rain.
Good morning. It's clearing up. Have a nice weekend. :-)
I'm going to an eye doctor tomorrow. I have a visual field test every six months.
My father was released from the hospital this morning.
I had an air conditioner installed in a room on the second floor yesterday.
We had a ball at the reunion yesterday.
I'm attending a junior high class reunion this evening. I'm really looking forward to seeing my friends.
I went to the swimming pool this afternoon. It was for the first time in years. I am absolutely exhausted.
My mother and I visited our ancestors' grave this morning.
I just watched Boyhood on DVD.
I bought a long stepladder and trimmed the hedge today. I'm very tired. I had a nice beer.
I appreciate your concern.
Thank you for your concern.
My father has been in the hospital since Monday. I hope he gets better soon.
The humidity is killing me.
It was burning hot today! I have bad sunburn on my face. it's really red.
I went to watch high school baseball games with my daughter today. There were exciting games. We had parfaits at a cafe after the games.
I'm watching The Open championship at St. Andrews right now.
I woke up at 3 in the morning.
Today, I watched "Lawrence of Arabia" on DVD for the first time,
According to the weather forecast, typhoons are likely to approach Japan.
I wish this rain would go away.
Good morning. It's cloudy today. Have a nice weekend.
Good morning. It's raining again today. I'm doing the laundry now.
I went to my daughter's high school today. The school festival was held there. I had fun.
I'm just about finished doing the laundry.
Good morning. It's drizzling here. Rainy season.
Confusion, I don't know what I should do.
I'll send an SOS to the world. I hope that someone gets my message in a bottle.
There's no limit to my worries.
I watched "About Time" on DVD I rented this morning. When I saw the movie at the theater last year, I was moved more.
I'm so stressed out at my work. I'm mentally exhausted. I'm burned out.
Thanks for your concern. I'm gonna go to bed now.
My throat hurts.
I think I'm coming down with a cold.
It's a really beautiful sunny morning. Perfect day for laundry.
I have to go to bed, goodnight I love you all :)
I've just placed an order for flower arrangements for my mother and mother-in-law online.
Good morning. It's drizzling here. My left wrist hurts when I twist it.
I'm attending a class reunion this evening. I'm looking forward to seeing my classmates.
Good morning. It's another sunny day.
RIP Ben E. King. Stand By Me is one of my favourite songs ever.
It's almost two. It's time for me to go to bed. Sweet dreams.
Well, I can't go into details, but it's something to do with developing a new product.
I feel a cold coming on.
We've been working on this project for months. And there's no end in sight. We can't see the light at the end of the tunnel.
It's been freezing cold these days.
You can say that again.
It's snowing in Shizuoka.
I'm gonna go to bed early today. Sweet dreams.
My nose tickles and I sneeze a lot today. I have really bad hay fever.
Leonard Nimoy, best known for playing the role of Spock in the "Star Trek" movies and television series has died at age 83.
RIP Mr. Spock. We will never forget you.
It's already 2. I'm having dinner now.
I'm turning in for the night.
As long as you set your mind to it, you can do almost anything. Don't ever give up.
I've just got home. It's past 1 AM...
Things aren't as bad as you think.
Keep your chin up and things will start to get better.
We all need some downtime to recharge our batteries.
Yes, I've been up to my neck in work lately. Thank you for your concern.
I will go to work on a day off tomorrow.
I've been buried under a pile of work.
I've been snowed under at work lately.
I'm home! I'm swamped with work.
It's supposed to be rain tomorrow. There's a 80 percent chance of rain.
I was a little timid last night. Think Positive!
Thank you for your kindness!
I'm gonna go to bed. Good night.
I'm overwhelmed by the amount of work I had to deal with.
The silicon chip inside my head gets switched to overload... I don't like Mondays.
The buds on the ume tree have swollen in my garden.
Hina-Matsuri - the Doll's Festival is held on March 3rd in Japan. It's the day to pray for healthy growth and happiness for young girls.
We've just displayed Hina-dolls for my daughters.
It's getting windy outside.
Good morning. It's a calm day here. Have a good day!
I'm working tomorrow.
It's just cleared up.
Thank you for telling me. That sounds good. I'll give it a try.
I haven't been getting enough sleep lately.
I've just got home. It's past 2 A.M, I am so dead...
Step to it whatever happens.
Go forward step by step.
Don't give up when you get discouraged.
Go forward without looking back.
Don't worry. Be more positive!
Thanks. You're really nice.
I've just got home. I had a hectic day. I'm totally exhausted.
I ate Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki for lunch. I love it.
I went to bookstores and browsed many English books today.
I've been busy with work. It's still monday. I'm already tired.

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    2015年度 入門ビジネス英語


    社内英語ワールドサバイバル本 CD付
    図解式 金融英語の基礎知識
    世界経済がわかるリーダーの英語(CD付) (ダボス会議)
    ダボス会議で聞く 世界がわかる英語(CD付)

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    My Tweets : October 28th, 2014 - January 25th, 2015

    Thanks. We had a good time.:-)
    We had tendons for lunch after the movie. Tendon is a bowl of rice topped with tempura.
    I went to see a Japanese movie called 'Again' with my daughter today. The story is about 'Masters Koshien'. It moved me to tears.
    It's supposed to be rain tomorrow. There's a ninety percent chance of rain.
    My wife also watches it. She likes Korean dramas and is a fun of Ha Ji-Won.
    That's awesome! Congrats!
    I'm gonna go to bed. Good night.
    I'm home. It's almost midnight. I had a hard day at work...
    I'm home. It is already past midnight.
    Tomorrow is my father's birthday. I want him to live a long time.
    Some Tokyoites who celebrated their coming-of-age marked 2,020 days until the 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympics.
    Today, January 12th, is a national holiday in Japan. Coming-of-Age Day, in honor of those who will turn 20 this year.
    A weather observatory in Japan's northernmost pref. of Hokkaido says it has spotted ice floes off the coast for the first time this winter.
    My car inspection will be expired next month. I'm going to buy a new car. I went to a car dealership and two auto parts stores today.
    My daughter came back home last night. She is attending the coming-of-age ceremony tomorrow. Time flies.
    Thank you for your concern. I took a medicine. I feel better now. :-)
    Good morning. There's not a cloud in the sky today. I feel like I'm getting a cold.
    Thanks. I wish you and your family much happiness this year!
    Thanks. It was held in our hometown. You must be looking forward to your reunion. Enjoy!
    Thanks. Happy New Year to you too.
    I attended a junior high school reunion yesterday. We gathered for the first time in decades. I really enjoyed the time with good friends.
    My family and I went on a trip to hot spring from New Year's Eve to New Year's Day. We had a good time.
    Happy New Year! I hope you all have a wonderful year.
    The New Year is just around the corner.
    I decorated the entrance of our home with Shimekazari today. New year is coming soon.
    I got a haircut today. I feel refreshed.
    It's clearing up!
    Good morning. It's drizzling. My daughter is coming back home today.
    Good morning! I'm reading "There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom." now.
    I have an upset stomach. I had no year-end party this year. I've been tied up with work. I ate and drank too much late at night.
    Thanks, you too!
    I think I should go to bed now. Sweet dreams. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    I've been busy with work. I am exhausted.
    I just downloaded a book to my Kindle Paperwhite. There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom by Louis Sachar.
    I watched "The Wedding Singer" this afternoon. Drew Barrymore is so cute.
    Just watched "It's a Wonderful Life" for the first time. I cried. What a heart touching Movie.
    I just watched Home Alone on DVD. It's a nice, funny movie,
    The New York Yankees are an American professional baseball team based in the Bronx borough of New York City.
    The Beatles were an English rock band that formed in Liverpool, in 1960.
    I went to vote this morning.
    Then I watched "The Holiday" this evening. Christmas is just around the corner.
    I watched "Labor Day" and "Soul Surfer" today.
    It's getting light outside.
    Good morning, though it's still dark out.
    I wonder who that can be. It can't be the milkman because he came this morning.
    I had a forgettable time at the World Cup in Brazil this summer. That painful experience made me want to become an even better player.
    “I'll turn 35 in another month, but I want to keep proving that age has nothing to do with football.”said Endo.
    I'm gonna take a bath to relax and get warm.
    I printed new year cards for my parents today.
    A disaster drill was held this morning.
    We are on the same page.
    What's the weather forecast for tomorrow? It's supposed to be rain. There's a seventy percent chance of rain in the morning.
    I'm exhausted. I should go to bed early tonight, but I'm surfing the Internet now...
    I'm home. I've been tied up with work...
    Perfect! :) Have a lovely day!
    Happy thanksgiving. Have a blessed day.
    My wife is going to see autumn foliage in Kyoto tommorow. I hope it doesn't rain.
    Yes, we had a fruitful weekend. :-)
    I stood up reading and browsed some TOEIC books at a bookstore.
    We went to a shopping mall and bought shirts, sweaters and shoes this evening. We had a good time.
    I went to an university with my wife and daughter. An open campus was held today. While my daughter was receiving an explanation, we took a walk around campus. We had lunch among many students at the cafeteria. I wish I could go back to my undergraduate days.
    I bought a new printer and set it up today. I'm going to make new year's cards next month.
    We finally set up the kotatsu. I like sleeping under the kotatsu.
    It's quite chilly tonight. I'm gonna go to bed.
    The program will be rebroadcast.
    Long time no see. How have you been?
    My wife and I are eating out for dinner tonight.
    Good morning. I hung out the laundry outside. Hope it doesn't rain.
    I'm home. It's almost 1 am. I'm worn out
    Tomorrow is another day. Good night.
    I'm home! It's almost 1 am...
    I feel a cold coming on. I should go to bed earlier.
    His career was cut short when he died in World War II.
    The Sawamura Award, named in honor of legendary Yomiuri Giants pitcher Eiji Sawamura, is given to NPB's most dominant starting pitcher.

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    The Tiger Who Came to Tea

    The Tiger Who Came to Tea』 Judith Kerr (著)





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    College pitcher beats brain tumor on way to first-round draft selection


    世の中への扉 甲子園がくれた命』 - 中村 計(著)



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    My tweets : September 21st - October 26th , 2014

    Today is my daughter's birthday. She had a serious illness when she was an elementary school student. She is well now. We appreciate the present moment.
    We had a steak for dinner and a birthday cake for dessert. We had a great time.
    Take care and sleep tight. I hope you will get well soon.
    Beautiful morning. I just hung out the laundry. It's my weekend morning work.
    I'm far away.
    I'm in a place called **.
    I confused the days.
    I'm about 45 minutes away.
    We're running late.
    We're on our way.
    Who is this?
    It gets dark so early these days.
    My wife and I took the laundry in and folded them. She is ironing some shirts now.
    It's a sunny day today. I went to watch high school baseball games with my friend. I'm a bit tired.
    I saw kimono-clad barricades for the first time. Very Japanese!? ;-)
    In this special Web feature, you can enjoy video views from Shinkansen windows while learning fascinating trivia and discovering little-known stories from stops on the journey from Tokyo Station to Shin-Osaka Station.
    Tokaido Window View : Shinkansen?A half-century journey : The Japan News
    Kimono-clad princesses offer apologies for roadside construction in Kyoto ? Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion
    The transport minister gave the green light to construction of magnetically levitated (maglev) bullet train line that will connect Tokyo and Nagoya in about 40 minutes.
    I saw a movie "About Time" last weekend. It made me want to watch another film directed by Richard Curtis. I got a DVD "Love Actually" online.
    That’s what’s so great about you.
    Mt. Fuji was capped with the first snow of the season today.
    I went to the Tokyo National Museum for the first time. I appreciated many national treasures. I had a great time. I walked around there and my legs fell off.
    The rain started to pour down harder.
    We've had lousy weather, haven't we?
    We're all traveling through time together, every day of our lives. All we can do is do our best to relish in this remarkable ride.
    How long will I love you? As long as stars are above you, and longer if I can.
    Is John there?
    John's here. I'll get him. Just a moment.
    John's not here now.
    I'd like to speak with Jane Baker.
    May I speak with Jane Baker.
    I'm calling for Jane Baker.
    Just a moment. I'll transfer you.
    Can you transfer me?
    I was transferred to the wrong Mr.Tanaka.
    We are the same age.
    Just a moment. I'll get my mom.
    Should I get my mom?
    Could you get your mom?
    I'm listening to the NHK radio English programs through the internet streaming now.
    I am grateful to be alive.
    Four Richard Curtis Films : Four Weddings, Notting Hill, Love Actually and About Time
    I watched a movie "About Time" in a theater this morning. It's really nice.
    "Under the Boardwalk" was playing as Apple support hold music.
    We ate some cake after dinner.
    Hi, thank you for your message!!!
    Thank you! Happy TGIF!
    Thanks! Our 21st wedding anniversary! :-)
    How's your neck treating you?
    It's our wedding anniversary today.
    We need to appreciate the fact that we're alive.
    Maybe you could look for it on the Internet.
    There's no one here named Yamada.
    There's no one here by that name.
    I think you have the wrong number.
    This is a residence.
    Sorry to keep calling.
    I called earlier.
    You were breaking up before, but I can hear you well now.
    The reception is not that good here, so I'll call you back.
    I think it is beneficial for my health to do some kind of exercise. But ...
    When I have nothing to do, I often surf the Internet to pass the time.
    Nishikori beats Raonic to win Japan Open title.
    Carp and Giants rained out.
    Issues with weight followed 'Dokaben' Kagawa
    It's raining and windy today. A powerful typhoon is approaching the Japanese archipelago.
    Take care of yourself. I hope you get better soon.
    Good morning! It's a beautiful day outside.
    I just took a bath. I'm gonna go to bed early tonight. Good night.
    Don't think too much.

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    My Blog List


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    考えすぎない (アルファポリス文庫)』 - 本多 時生(著)






















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    My tweets : August 28th - 21st September, 2014

    The sun's come out.
    Take things easy for a while until you get better.
    Thanks. I feel much better. I hope I will get well soon. Good night. Sleep tight.
    Yes, you should do that. Take care.
    Oh, You too? Are you all right? Take care of yourself. I hope you'll get better soon.
    Exactly. This is my favorite movie. :-)
    The beautiful scenery of autumn leaves in the tv news makes me want to get out and hike in the hills.
    I feel the weight of my head. It's said that the weight of the average adult human head is about five kilograms.
    Thank you for your concern.
    I hurt my neck by jerking my head when I backed the car. I'm feeling my age...
    I watched Notting Hill for the first time in years. I like Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant.
    I watched You've Got Mail for the first time in a long time.
    It might not seem like much to you, but it made me very happy.
    I stayed up late last night. I didn't get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation. ;-) So I'll have an early night.
    Thanks! I had to wait a long time for my turn to be examined. I was tired. ;-)
    The eye clinic was very crowded today. I had several exams. It took a long time. I finished reading Enjoy Simple English #9.
    My wife started cleaning many curtains.
    I got up later than usual. I'm going to have breakfast
    Finished the laundry. Nice weather.
    Good morning. It's a beautiful day. I'm going to see the eye doctor today. Have a nice weekend.
    I just called to say I love you. And I mean it from the bottom of my heart.
    I'm watching photos of the harvest full moon on twitter.
    It's drizzling. The moon is invisible.
    Sounds good.
    I'm reading "Abraham Lincoln For Kids Book" these days.
    I bought a new white shirt today.
    Wow, Great! Thank you for sharing!
    I had my hair cut this morning. I like short hair.
    I think so too!
    Good morning. Today is the last day of August. Summer is nearly over.
    I went out for dinner with my daughter tonight.
    I saw a doctor this morning. I went to watch a high school baseball game this afternoon.
    The rain sound from outside.
    It's chilly tonight. Fall is in the air.

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    My tweets : July 12th - August 24th, 2014

    The sun is coming out.
    Good morning. It's a little bit chilly here. Have a good day.
    Wow! I hope you have a great time! :-)
    Thanks! You too!
    Same here. ;-) Have a good day!
    Good morning. It's humid again. Today is the last day of the Obon holiday.
    I just ordered a new electric shaver on the internet.
    I went to watch high school baseball game at the local stadium today.
    Obon is a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the spirits of one's ancestors. We visit and clean our ancestors' graves.
    Hi, nice to tweet you too.
    Thanks. I think so, too. We're so happy. :-)
    I went to the police station to renew my driver's license today. It took little time to do.
    My elder daughter came back home this morning. She turned twenty last month. My mother (Her grandmother) gave the newspaper the day she was born to her for birthday present. We all were pleasantly surprised.
    I visited the grave with my parents today. This week is Obon in Japan.
    That's something to look forward to.
    I'm home. It's already 1 a.m.
    Thank you very much, Esola-san. Wow, what a coincidence! Time flies, doesn't it?
    My elder daughter is turning 20 tomorrow. I can't believe how time flies. She lives in Tokyo now. She is expected to return home next month.
    Thank you for your concern. I was unprepared.....
    I got a bad sunburn. My skin is red and painful from being in the sun too long today.
    Good morning. It's sunny here. I'm going to watch high school baseball games at the studiam today. Have a nice day.
    There was a terrible thunderstorm this afternoon. It's not that hot tonight.
    I'm reading Tuesdays with Morrie again. It's one of the most touching books I've read.
    There's someone waiting for you.
    We're cooking Gyoza for dinner. I'm drinking beer now.
    Masahiro Tanaka issues apology to Yankees, fans following elbow diagnosis
    I live in Shizuoka. Unfortunately, my high school lost the 1st game. You live in California??
    The high school baseball season in this area began yesterday.
    I can hear fireworks from somewhere.

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    動詞の secure

    secure と言えば、日本語にもなっている「セキュア」で形容詞が思い浮かびますが、動詞の secure です。

    TOEICのPart1の問題で、ボートや自転車をロープやチェーンなどでどこかにくくりつけて固定されている写真を見たことがあります。下記の 3) ですね。

    それで動詞の secure ってあるんだ。 と知りました。

    今回出てきたのは、「場所を確保する」などという時の secure です。下記の 1) ですね。

    4) の借金の担保にするなんて意味もあるんですね。



    secure [verb]

    1) get/achieve
    to get or achieve something that will be permanent, especially after a lot of effort
    ・Boyd's goal secured his team's place in the Cup Final.
    secure a deal/contract
    ・The company secured a $20 million contract.
    ・Negotiators are still working to secure the hostages' release.
    ・Redgrave won his third Olympic gold medal, and secured his place in history.

    2) safe from harm
    to make something safe from being attacked, harmed, or lost:
    ・Troops were sent to secure the border.
    secure something against somebody/something
    ・They built a 10ft high fence to secure the house against intruders.
    ・an agreement to secure the future of the rainforest

    3) tie firmly
    to fasten or tie something firmly in a particular position
    secure something to something
    ・John secured the boat firmly to the jetty.

    4) borrowing money
    if you secure a debt or a loan, you legally promise that if you cannot pay back the money you have borrowed, you will give the lender goods or property of the same value instead
    ・He used his house to secure the loan.

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    TOEICテスト Part 3 & 4 鬼の変速リスニング


    音声DL付 TOEIC®テスト Part 3 & 4 鬼の変速リスニング (TTTスーパー講師シリーズ)
    テッド 寺倉 (著), 和泉 有香(Joy) (著), 天満 嗣雄 (監)










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    1) bring together
    to get things of the same type from different places and bring them together

    2) keep objects
    to get and keep objects of the same type, because you think they are attractive or interesting

    3) rent/debts/taxes
    to get money that you are owed

    4) money to help people
    to ask people to give you money or goods for an organization that helps people

    5) increase in amount
    if something collects in a place, or you collect it there, it gradually increases in amount

    6) win something
    to receive something because you have won a race, game etc

    7) collect yourself/collect your thoughts
    to make an effort to remain calm and think clearly and carefully about something

    8) take somebody/something from a place [especially British English]
    to come to a particular place in order to take someone or something away [= pick up American English]

    例:Martin's gone to collect the children from school.
    例:I've got to go and collect the book I ordered from the library. ★ この使われ方で出てきました。

    9) crowd
    [formal] to come together gradually to form a group of people




    1) having no mistakes [= right] [←→ incorrect]

    2) suitable and right for a particular situation

    3) correct behaviour is formal and polite


    1) to make something right or to make it work the way it should

    2) to show someone that something is wrong, and make it right

    3) if a teacher corrects a student's written work, he or she writes marks on it to show the mistakes in it

    4) correct me if I'm wrong [spoken]
    used when you are not sure that what you are going to say is true or not

    5) I stand corrected [formal spoken]
    used to admit that something you have said is wrong after someone has told you it is wrong

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    Chicken Soup for the Little Souls Reader: The Greatest Gift of All

    以前からChicken Soup for the Soulを読んでみたいと思っていましたが読めずにいました。

    Chicken Soup for the Little Souls Reader: The Greatest Gift of All: Chicken Soup for Little Souls Reader (Chicken Soup for the Soul)

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    Masahiro Tanaka apologizes to Yankees, fans for elbow injury and vows to return strong

    "As recently announced from the team, I will be going through some treatment and rehab on my injured elbow over the next several weeks."

    "I give everything I have every time I take the ball. With that, I also know that there will always be a risk of injury when playing this game that I love."

    "Right now I feel that the most important thing for me is to keep my head up, remain focused on the task at hand and devote all my energy into healing the injury in order to come back strong."

    "I want to apologize to the Yankees organization, my teammates and our fans for not being able to help during this time."

    "I accept this injury as a challenge, but I promise to do everything I can to overcome this setback and return to the mound as soon as possible."


    I will be praying for your quick recovery!

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    My tweets : July 3rd - July 12th, 2014

    My vision is getting weaker with age. ;-)
    The nurse recommended that I should always keep wearing glasses.
    I went to an eye doctor today. I had a visual field test for the first time in a year. The result was fine.
    We had Okonomiyaki for dinner. Yummy!
    I went to the shopping mall with my family today. My wife and daughter bought some clothes. I was worn out from walking.
    Thanks. Let's enjoy reading it together. :-)
    I'm rereading "Tuesdays with Morrie" at a slow pace.
    Thanks. I want to read your blog and study English.
    I am sorry to make you confused. My poor English.
    Thanks. I will continue using it.
    Thank you for your concern.
    I just installed f.lux now. It seemes to me that the screen is a little more red. Is this OK? ;-)
    It's hard, isn't it? ;-)
    I'll try it.
    Thanks. Is this a software?
    I'm tired. It's a tough work. ;-)
    I've started to notice recently that my eyes really bother me and things far away are getting more and more blurry.
    I work in front of a computer more than 10 hours a day. I also enjoy the internet when I'm at home. The computer screen hurts my eyes.

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    My tweets : May 21st - June 29th, 2014

    Oh, REBECCA!!! Their songs remind me of my college days. ;-)
    I haven't listened to the song for ages. Wonderful.
    I ordered a Genkotsu, and my daughter ate a Onigiri. We had a good dinner. :-)
    Thanks! We had a good time. :-)
    We are the world, we are the children. We are the ones who make a brighter day, so lets start giving.
    Yeah! That tastes good! ;-)
    My daughter and I went out for dinner this evening. We had Sawayaka's hamburger steaks. "Sawayaka" is well-known restaurant in Shizuoka. ;)
    Please try it out if you have the chance.
    I donated blood. I like do it. Thank you for my health.
    We're in the same boat. ;-)
    Cheers! :-)
    Thanks! I'm drinking beer now. ;-)
    I managed to finish the work for tomorrow.
    I have to work tonight. But I'm just not feeling it...
    She's going to be twenty soon.
    Thanks. My daughter is fine, too. We had a good dinner last night.
    Great! Nowadays we have many convenient tools online. :-)
    Yes, she lives in Tokyo. How's your daughter in Vancouver?
    Hydrangea blossoms in our garden are beautiful. Balloon flowers started blooming.
    Good morning. It's drizzling here. My daughter left for Tokyo an hour ago.
    Thanks. We're having dinner together tonight.
    Happy birthday! :-)
    Thanks. It feels good to clean up the house. :-)
    My daughter came back home from Tokyo just now.
    Dark clouds in the sky. It looks like rain. I hope it doesn't rain.
    Thanks! My wife is extremely tidy. ;-)
    Thanks! No longer wet. ;-)
    My wife and I waxed the dining room floor today.
    Good night. Sleep well.
    It's already 2 AM... I have to go to bed.
    Thanks. Good night.
    Thank you for your concern. I have to go to bed.
    Are you all right? Please take care of yourself, too.
    I feel like I'm getting a cold. I'll go to bed early tonight.
    And drinking beer.
    My wife is tired today. I'm cooking while listening to music.

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    危険物取扱者 乙種4類 受験記

    英語とはまったく関係ないのですが、急に思い立って「危険物取扱者 乙種第4類」の試験を受け、何とか合格することができたので、受験記メモを残しておきます。


    「危険物 参考書 おすすめ」などでググって、どんなテキストがいいのか調べる。
    乙種4類 危険物取扱者試験 平成25年版 資格出版

    危険物 乙4 - 資格+岡村孝子+あみん - Yahoo!ブログ




    ① 20121011 乙4 危険物取扱者試験対策講習会 ~ ⑬20121030 危険物取扱者試験対策講習会





    乙種4類 危険物取扱者試験 平成26年版 資格出版


    ① 危険物に関する法令(法令)15問
    ② 基礎的な物理学及び基礎的な化学(物理・化学)10問
    ③ 危険物の性質並びにその火災予防及び消火の方法(性質・消火)10問












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    My tweets : March 26th - May 20th, 2014

    Thank you very much. They are now on a tour of Kyushu. This morning, I gave them a little money to enjoy the trip.
    Thanks! They're going on a trip to Kyushu from tomorrow.
    Thank you very much.
    Congratulations! Enjoy your wonderful new life.
    This year is my parents' 50th wedding anniversary.
    Sounds good!
    I've never been to Kyushu. I'd love to visit there one day.
    My parents are going to Kyushu starting tomorrow. I hope they have a wonderful vacation.
    I think I chipped a tooth again. I need to go to the dentist. #twinglish
    Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be, The last of life, for which the first was made.
    My tooth chipped. I'm going to the dentist tomorrow.
    Are you all right? I hope the pain subsides soon.
    I ordered two bunches of carnations for my mother and mother-in-law online.
    It's starting to rain. I've got to take in the laundry.
    Lions' Kishi tosses no-hitter against Marines
    Good morning. What a lovely day again!
    I can't focus on my work. I need to concentrate on the task at hand.
    At a closer look, It's starting to cloud over outside.
    It's a beautiful day. I'm wearing a short sleeved shirt for the first time in this year. I have to work at home, though.
    Good morning! It's another sunny day. I wonder what I should do...
    It was a sunny day today. I have a tanned face.
    I went to watch high school baseball games with my daughter today. There were exciting games. We had parfaits at a cafe after the game.
    I'm going to watch high school baseball games with my daughter tomorrow.
    The sky is the limit.
    I'm working tomorrow. I need some more time.
    If you don't represent women in politics in America as future president, who will?
    I think languages not only let you learn the language itself, but they also open up a new world.
    At last, I finished reading "Walk Two Moons". It was a touching story.
    I'm home. I'm kind of busy this week.

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    Enjoy Simple English

    今日から「Enjoy Simple English」の放送が始まりましたね。
    高山芳樹先生とDaniel Stewart(ダニエル・スチュワート)先生は監修者ということで、放送には出てこないのですね。。




    3/15のエントリー 「エンジョイ・シンプル・イングリッシュ」

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    「トークマスター2(TalkMaster2) 使用レポート」


    SONY ポータブルラジオレコーダー ICZ-R100
    OLYMPUS ICレコーダー機能付ラジオ録音機 ラジオサーバーポケット PJ-30
    SONY ポータブルラジオレコーダー ICZ-R51
    OLYMPUS ICレコーダー機能付ラジオ録音機 ラジオサーバーポケット PJ-35

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    Walk Two Moons - Sharon Creech


    以下、Twitter( @mark_baseball )より。

    「Because of Winn-Dixie」を読み終わった後、Kyokoさんより「Walk Two Moons」を紹介していただきました。
    Walk Two Moonsを読み始めましたが、どうもうまく理解できず、何度も読み直しています。。
    「Walk Two Moons」に翻訳本があることを知り、図書館で借りてきました。「めぐりめぐる月」。最初の方だけ参考に読みたいと思います。最初だけ。。
    「Walk Two Moons」Kindleで最初のページに移動すると1章に飛ぶので、大事なEpigraphの存在に気付きませんでした。"Don't judge a man until you've walked two moons in his moccasins."
    「めぐりめぐる月」には最初にアメリカの地図が書かれていました。Bybanks, Kentucky、Euclid, Ohio、そしてLewiston, Idahoの場所が分かりました。これからこの長い距離の旅が始まるのか。
    糸を紡いで-シャロン・クリーチの『めぐりめぐる月』に織り込まれた物語- 北海道武蔵女子短期大学 沢辺裕子先生
    「Walk Two Moons」の翻訳本「めぐりめぐる月」には、原書にはない文がちょこちょこ入っていて面白い。そのままだと分かりにくい部分でさりげなく工夫されていて感心します。翻訳家ってすごいなあ。ただ訳せばいいってものではないのですね。
    おはようございます。今日もWALK TWO MOONS読みます。
    インディアナ州は別名、"Hoosier State"と呼ばれる。フ-ジャー(hoosier)の由来 http://minsai.exblog.jp/7916133
    AIW talk: What is a Hoosier?  (1)Hoosierの語源 http://www.river-stone.info/yoshi/?p=317
    I'm #reading Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech.
    今日は「Walk Two Moons」を10章まで読みました。#tadoku
    You want me to ~「~してあげようか」はいまだに慣れません。「Walk Two Moons」でも最初の方で出てきました。
    さあ今夜もベッドで「Walk Two Moons」を読もう。少しずつですが続いています。 #tadoku
    「Walk Two Moons」はまだ17章と停滞中。翻訳本「めぐりめぐる月」をいちいち見てしまうのがよくないのかなあ。
    I'm reading chapter 20 of Walk Two Moons.
    I was going to read Walk Two Moons by Kindle on the Shinkansen but I could read only a little because I felt asleep on the train.
    新しいテキストやる前に、多読なら途中だったでしょ、ということで久しぶりにWalk Two Moons読書中。
    Walk Two Moons、昨夜やっと半分まで読み終わりました。23章では悲しい事実が明らかにされました。
    At last, I finished reading "Walk Two Moons". It was a touching story. #tadoku
    Walk Two Moons やっと読み終えました。私にはちょっと難しかったですが、後半は引き込まれて一気に読みきりました。心に残る作品でした。
    Thank you for giving me such a wonderful opportunity.
    It's a beautiful story.
    本を読んだ後この論文を読んでみる。糸を紡いで-シャロン・クリーチの『めぐりめぐる月』に織り込まれた物語- 北海道武蔵女子短期大学 沢辺裕子先生
    Walk Two Moons is a novel written by Sharon Creech and winner of the 1995 Newbery Medal.
    It was a little difficult for me. I think you will enjoy it, though.
    Walk Two Moons Quotes


    Walk Two Moons (Trophy Newbery)』 - Sharon Creech

    めぐりめぐる月』 シャロン クリーチ (著), Sharon Creech (原著), もき かずこ (翻訳)

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    My tweets : December 30th, 2013 - March 21st, 2014

    It was very windy today.
    I don't like Mondays...
    Yes, I miss her...
    Thanks. That's cool! ;-)
    My daughter has left for Tokyo today.
    What do you recommend for hay fever?
    Take good care of your wife. I got hay fever a couple of years ago.
    Do you suffer from hay fever or pollen allergies?
    Hi, nice to meet you.
    It was warm in the daytime but it's pretty cold in the nighttime.
    I'm feeling much better today. Thanks. :-)
    It's supposed to rain tomorrow. There's a ninety percent chance of rain.
    Thank you for your concern. My heart feels fine today. :-)
    Thank you so much for your warm message.
    Thanks. I saw a doctor several years ago. I will take a rest. ;-)
    It was beautiful, wasn't it? Belated congratulations on your promotion!
    I have a little problem with my heart. Sometimes my pulse skips a beat.
    I was going to read Walk Two Moons by Kindle on the Shinkansen but I could read only a little because I felt asleep on the train.
    Mt.Fuji was very beautiful this morning as viewed from the Shinkansen bullet train.
    Hi, nice to tweet you. I'm looking forward to tweeting with you.
    My daughter is coming back home tomorrow. I'm looking forward to seeing her. Her hina dolls are still displayed.
    Hi, nice to meet you. Thank you for the following back.
    I have a business trip tomorrow. I'm going to take my kindle.
    I watched a high school baseball game with my friend today.
    I'm reading chapter 20 of Walk Two Moons.
    I have to go to work from now. It might take all night long to finish that.
    Thanks! Could you correct my English? I want to improve my english.
    Hi, nice to tweet you. I'm looking forward to tweeting with you.
    Hall of Fame pitcher Murata pays tribute to Dr. Jobe
    Morning! I didn't get much sleep last night. It feels like I just went to bed...
    I've got an eye strain. I'm gonna go to bed. See ya!
    It's pretty cold these days, isn't it? I hope it gets warmer soon. I'm looking forward to spring.
    Great! I agree with you.
    Keep warm and get a good night's sleep.
    It's pretty cold today. Take care of yourself.
    I'm pretty good at forgetting things. ;-)
    I'm with you on that.
    What are some of your favorite English phrases? One of my favorite English phrases is "No pain, no gain."
    I'm worn out from work.
    I used to be really into skiing in my twenties.
    Let's enjoy reading English books. :-)
    I feel the same way. It was a touching movie.
    Mao-chan still wavering on retirement
    Plum blossoms are blooming beautifully in our garden now. Spring is around the corner.
    It's a nice day today. We've just displayed Hina-dolls for the first time in the last two years.
    I'll never forget Mao Asada's performance. It'll stay in my heart forever.
    Asada has strong free skate, finishes 6th overall
    Onozuka captures bronze for Japan in ski halfpipe
    Mao Asada cries tears of joy despite 6th place finish
    Japan's Asada has sudden, deep fall on Olympic ice
    Asada's nightmare, champion Kim leads short program
    Takeuchi wins women's parallel giant slalom silver
    Japan captures bronze in team ski jumping in Sochi
    I'm off to bed to dream about winning a gold medal in the Olympics.
    Japan's Kasai takes silver in large hil
    I wanted it to be you so badly.
    I'm reading Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech.
    What is a Hoosier?
    I have to let the laundry hang out in the sun.
    It's clearing up now!
    Japan's Hanyu wins men's figure skating gold medal
    Japan ace Watabe seizes silver in combined normal hill
    After chartering 787, Tanaka introduced by Yanks
    Snowboarding teens Hirano, Hiraoka win Japan's first medals at Sochi Games
    Heartbreak on the hills as Japan's Takanashi places 4th
    Retweet if you agree that Baseball and Softball should return as Olympic sports in 2020.
    Dutch sweep past Japan medal hopes in men's 500-meter speed skate
    Uemura finishes 4th again in women's moguls
    Thanks. I'd like to enjoy driving the car. :-)
    We got a brand new car.
    Walk Two Moons; "Don't judge a man until you've walked two moons in his moccasins."
    Weather forecast said it's going to be cold tomorrow. #twinglish
    "When I am down and I am blue, all I have to do is close my eyes and think of you. And the world is new."
    I just watched "Tuesdays with Morrie" on DVD I rented today. It was touching. I want to read the book again. #twinglish
    Thanks! I can't wait. ;-)
    We must never forget gratitude no matter what.
    Thanks. One step at a time.
    I've been reading Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo since last week.
    May it be a year filled with happiness for you and your family...
    Happy New Year!
    Thanks for the message. Have a great New Year!
    Thank you for everything this year! I look forward to another great year. Don't catch a cold!!
    Good morning. Have a great New Year's Eve,
    Good morning world. It's New Year's Eve today. Time flies. I wish you all a Happy New Year.
    Stand clear at the closing door.
    Keep moving! All the way!
    I had Thoshikoshi-soba for lunch today. We eat buckwheat noodles at the end of the year and hope that we will lead a long and fortunate life.
    Thanks. She came back from Tokyo. I wish you a Happy New Year, too.

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    Enjoy Simple English (エンジョイ・シンプル・イングリッシュ) 2014年 04月号 [雑誌]

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    Because of Winn-Dixie

    「Because of Winn-Dixie」 by Kate DiCamillo 読了。

    「きいてほしいの、あたしのこと -ウィン・ディキシーのいた夏」
    (当時のブログはこちら http://baseball.cocolog-wbs.com/baseball/2008/02/bridge_to_terab_8b74.html


    Because of Winn-Dixie
    きいてほしいの、あたしのこと〈特別編〉-ウィン・ディキシーのいた夏 [DVD]

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    The Buddy Files, #6 The Case of the School Ghost

    The Buddy Filesシリーズ。

    The Case of the School Ghost (Buddy Files) by Dori Hillestad Butler (Author), Jeremy Tugeau (Illustrator)

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    The Buddy Files, #5 The Case of the Library Monster

    The Buddy Files シリーズ5作目。


    The Case of the Library Monster (Buddy Files)

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